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Thu Apr 06 2006
karst.finch at 12move.nl
Comment on email from jan at roden.nl
Jan at roden speaks about Jamata. It is Jamathi from Nederhorst den Berg. The most famous 50cc racing bikes from Holland which numerous Grand Prix wins TT Assen for one. Aalt Toersen was second in the world championship in 1970. Paul Lodewijkx was second in 1968. Constructors were Jan Thiel and Martin Mijwaart. They later on went to work for Piovaticca, Bultaco, Minarelli and Garelli. With the last three marques they had lots of success - three titles for Bultaco 50cc, 2 for Minarelli, 4 for Garelli. Martin Mijwaart has sadly passed away and Jan Thiel is working for Aprilia.

Jamathi only made one type of moped for the road, which was not a success, although it was a beautiful bike.

With regards Karst Vink, Eemnes

Jamathi engines were used in the Tansini, a badge-engineered machine from Moto Gitan of Italy.

Jamathi Bromfietsen / Motorfietsen
Jamanthi Club: jamathi.nl/

Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2005

subject: BULTACO
Email: jan at roden.nl
message: As far as I know, bultaco was emerged from a dutch racing team, which used their own engines. The dutch factory was jamata.

Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2005
subject: JAMATA
Email: jan at roden.nl
If I'm correct, Jamata was the project of some dutch people, which used the bikes to race in the 50cc category (with success)

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