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Vulcaan Motorcycles

Vulkaan Motorrijwielfabriek, Gebr. Fonck, Hofstraat 6 te Venray (1911-1915).

They used Zedel 264cc and 299cc SV engines and later built their own V-twins using components from Zedel with whom they had a close relationship. After the start of WWI Zedel engines became unobtainable, and Moser units were used. Production ceased in 1915 or 1916 after some 300 motorcycles were constructed.

N.B. Tragatsch gives dates of 1911-1927, and classicbikehub.uk writes "...imported British built machines until the late Twenties."

Sources: Conam Netherlands, Tragatsch, classicbikehub.uk.

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