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Svithun Motorcycles

Thorvald Veire founded Maskinhuset A/S in Stavanger around 1919-1920 as a manufacturer of sewing machines. After the Second World War the firm had some 230-240 employees and was the main importer of Puch motorcycles, mopeds and scooters for many years. They also imported Francis-Barnett and Velocette from Great Britain and Durkopp from Germany.

Maskinhuset assembled mopeds and motorcycles under the name Svithun which were sourced from Øgl├Žnd.

Before 1939, the motorcycles were sold as Svithun no. 6, 8, 9 etc. In 1938, a competition was held among the factory staff to name the models and as a result Svithun no. 6 became Polo, Svithun no. 8 became Vingo, Svithun no. 9 luxus became Takto and Durkopp became Mimax.


The Svithun Mimax appeared in 1939 with a 2-speed 98cc Sachs. This was a Durkopp model with tyres of 25x2.50, a claimed top speed was stated at 60 km/h, and was painted dark red.

The Svithun Polo (formerly Svithun no. 6.) had a a 2-speed 98cc Sachs engine, 26x2 tyres, a 7.5 litre tank, and pedals.

The Vingo (formerly Svithun no. 8) was fitted with a 98cc Sachs with kickstarter, an 11 litre tank and 26x2 tyres.

The Takto (formerly Svithun no.9) was the same as the Vingo other than the tyres, which were 26 x 2.50.

Production of mopeds continued into the 1980s.

Source: Norskproduserte Motorsykler