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G.A.C. Garate, Anitua y Co.

Garate, Anitua y Compañía ( GAC ) began, with a similar name, in the mid-1800s. Based in √Čibar in the Basque Country it initially manufactured weapons before entering the bicycle trade. In 1951 they formed and agreement with Motobecane, and built the Mobylette and other similar mopeds. They moved to a new factory in Abadiano, Vizcaya where production continued from 1977 until their closure in 2003.

Their first model was the AV-63, with no suspension and bicycle-style rim brakes.

In 1953, telescopic front fork and automatic clutch were introduced; in 1954, drum brakes; In 1955 the engine size was reduced to 45 cc to conform with new moped legislation.

The AV-88 model was introduced in 1963, and became the AV-89 in 1971. It was later known as the "Rural", followed in 1984 by the AV-90 Rural which remained in the catalogue until production ceased in 2003.


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