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Kapi Motorcycles

Federico Saldaña Ramos founded the company in Burgos, and after moving to Barcelona production began in 1950 with a 4-wheel microcar powered by a Montesa 125 engine.

The Kapiscooter was introduced in 1951, a three-wheeler using 125cc Hispano Villiers and 175cc Fita AMC four-stroke engines.

Motorcycles powered by 125cc HV engines were advertised with both rigid frames and rear suspension.

In 1955 a new three-wheeler was introduced called the "Platillo Volante" ("flying saucer") powered by a Villiers motorcycle engine with a claimed top speed of 60mph and fuel economy of better than 100mpg. It had a kick starter at the rear of the car.

Available as a roadster, station wagon and a family sedaan, and also as as a commercial cargo model with a payload of 650 pounds and max speed of 48 mph. Production ceased in 1956 or 58, and the remaining stock went to Pinguy.

Other vehicles included the Kapi JIP, modelled after the Jeep and powered by a 197cc Hispano-Villiers.


N.B. No record has been found of a firm named "Pinguy". It may be that this was a brand or model used by Kapi. Autopasion says the remaining Pinguy stock was sold to Mungauia Industrial for construction of the Goggomobile.

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