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GM Elcykel Three-wheelers

Manufactured by GM Nordiska AB, Stockholm, c1920 to 1949

GM EMC Three Wheelers

From the 1920s General Motors had a large assembly plant in Stockholm with up to 1,300 employees. Automobiles and trucks assembled there were from Opel, Chevrolet, Bedford and Vauxhall. The first Opel Olympia in Sweden came from this plant. (1)

World War II produced many shortages, not least of them petroleum products, and vehicle sales were hit hard. In response, several Swedish motorcycle companies produced electric 3-wheelers with the front wheel mounted on forks in motorcycle fashion, while the rear had a body or tray mounted on two wheels. Most of them were built for commercial use but some had a passenger seat.

The Typ ELC10 FL was built in 1942. A placard on the dash says that the top speed in populated areas is 40 km/h, elsewhere 50 km/h.

Prototypes of a large electric truck were constructed but the concept did not enter production.

Source: Konditori

1. An Opel Olympia built by GM Nordiska was flown to Rio de Janeiro by the airship Hindenburg in 1936.

Tue Mar 21 2006
xj900 at telia dot com
Looking for any information
GM El-cykel ELC 10 registered in 1946

A very good friend of mine has one of these and he is about to restore it.
Do you have any information or links where he can find more a about them?
Most wanted is a drawing showing the electrical system.
Any information is highly appreciated

Best regards

Lars Carlson
Jönköping, Sweden

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures on his object but if you look at his homepage you will find some pictures of a similar -

Will come back to you as further I have more info about his vehicle.

Best regards, Lars

Swedish page:
www.svbk.se/artikel-GMelcykel.htm (404)

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