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Fri Jan 19 2007
tcochran at digis.net
Highland motorcycles
Dirt-Track 950
I have heard that the Dirt-Track 950 is aimed at the U.S.A. Is this possible. Can Highland motorcycles be purchased in the U.S.A.  I am quite interested. Thank you.
Colorado, U.S.A

Sun Oct 15 2006
vicky250gt at yahoo dot com
Highland 950 - prices

I was interested in knowing the prices for the Highland 950 bikes, specifically, the :
1. Allroad
2. Outback
it would be great if you can guide me to some link where i can compare these two and read about their performance, handling etc..

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mon Feb 06 2006
fobban70 at hotmail dot com
www.highland.se Stockholm (404)

Wed Oct 12 2005
bullets4bafazan at btinternet dot com
Highlander AX
I have heard about the Highlander AX as well but cannot find anything on the web either. I friend of mine in South Africa has seen them for sale in the local bike trader. Apparently they are 900cc. Out the box the expected top speed is 240km/h and they weigh about the same as the XR600. Sounds like one hell of a bike!

Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005
subject: Highlander motorcycle
Email: dennisq32 at yahoo.com
message: I am curious about a brand of Swedish motorcycle called Highland or Highlander. It is supposed to be a 1000cc V-twin and that it is designed in Sweden but is supposed to be build in China. I can find no information on this bike on the web. Have you ever heard of it? 

Yes, it's the Highland 950cc Offroader.
Try these sites:
motard.concode.com/highland/ (404) Club Highland
Highland Motorcycles UK highland-motorcycles.co.uk no longer functional.

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