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Maltry Roadracers

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured by Werner Maltry, a Motobi importer in Zurich in the 50s and 60s. He increased the capacity of the Motobi 175cc Catria engines to 250cc and achieved good results in local races, winning the Schweizer Bergmeisterschaft (Swiss mountain championship). Working with Hans Georg Reiter he produced 250 and 350cc singles and a Motobi-derived 500cc twin dubbed the "Reima". Most machines were badged Motobi, as was the sales literature, but the address on the brochures was Zurich.

The machines were popular with Swiss and Italian privateers - Paolo Campanelli took 3rd place in the 1962 Italian Championship, beating Aermacchi.

Originally the company name was Reima, derived from the names Reiter and Maltry. Hans Georg Reiter died in an accident in 1962, and the project came to an end with only six machines built. Five have survived.

They are not related to the Swedish Maltry.

Source: motohistorica.ch

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