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A Brief History of the Marque

M. Pauchand & Cie, Geneva (parent company Ateliers des Charmilles, S.A)

Founded in 1919, the company built its first motorcycle in 1928 using an OHC inline 349cc parallel twin engine with chain drive designed by René Zürcher, son of Ernest, co-founder of Zedel. A second model was released with a b/s of 60x72mm giving 412cc. Production totaled fewer than 700 units and ceased in 1932.

"As a regular reader of your journal since 1927 I have just read the replies of "Buxton School" who states in "The Editor's Correspondence," "I don't think that a vertical twin four-stroke will ever become practical, but perhaps some No. 8 Hat will enlighten me."

Perhaps it will interest you (and enlighten him) to know that I own one of the first models put on the market of the new Royal Standard, a vertical twin, 400 c.c. o.h. camshaft, with cylinders case en block and unit construction. I can say without hesitation that it is a wonderful machine. I enclose a photograph and specification so that you may have an idea of what it is like. So much for the No. 8 Hat!

With my best compliments for your paper, which is "sans égal" either in France or Germany.

[The manufacturers' catalogue gives the bore as 60 mm. and the stroke 73 mm., giving a capacity of 412 c.c. The two cylinders in line are cast in a block and the cylinder head and cambox are heavily finned. Unit construction is employed, a four-bearing crankshaft is provided. the vertical shaft is skew-gear-driven, and the camshaft itself bevel-gear-driven. It is claimed that the balance is so perfect that the engine will not vibrate at 5000 revolutions per minute and the irregular torque inherent in the type is not apparent on opening the throttle. Stress is laid on the fact that, owing to the finning. the rear cylinder does not run hotter than the front. The timing gear is incorporated in the gearbox and the whole is abundantly lubricated, ensuring very silent operation. - ED.]

Motor Cycling, June 5, 1929, page 130.

(No. 8 Hat refers to the largest adult hat size and implies high intelligence.)

Sources: François-Marie Dumas, Motor Cycling

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