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Mulhouse Auto Museum France

National Automobile Museum France - Largest Automotive Museum in the World. North Eastern France

Hundreds of vehicles, mostly cars, including more than a hundred European marques - there are racing cars, prototypes, concept cars, dozens of Bugattis, nearly as many Ferraris, along with Maserati, Rolls Royce....

The Italian Schlumpf brothers built an empire in the wool industry in the 1930s. Fritz Schlumpf turned the Mulhouse branch into a secret base for his precious cars that he bought and renovated.

When the textiles industry went downhill in 1976, the Schlumpfs sold their factories and went to Switzerland. In 1978 the the collection was classified a historic monument and has been on display since 1982.

The motorcycle collection is rather sparse, but the cars... oh my goodness, the cars!

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