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A Brief History of the Marque: CZ

CZ started as a division of the Skoda works as the Czech arms factory, Ceska Zbrojovka.

CZ Timeline

  • 1919 architect K.Bubla establishes in Plzen armature factory with place in Strakonicích under name Jihoceská zbrojovka s. r. o.
  • 1920 manufacture begins in Plzen with 30 employees.
  • 1919 in September started works on building facility in Strakonice
  • 1920 entrance of companions, capital 1 200 000 K (que?)
  • 1923 establishment of company Ceská Zbrojovka in Pragu
  • 1929 starting manufacturing chains
  • 1930 Registration protection mark CZ
  • 1932 Creation of first bicycle with helping engine (motorised bicycle)
  • 1933 First series of moto-bicykles CZ 98
  • 1934 Starting serially production of motorbikes (CZ 175)
  • 1936 Extension of production with CZ 350
  • 1939 Ceased production of motorcycles, began production of canons and trooper`s bombs
  • 1945 v cervenci Ústrední svaz prumyslu navrhuje rozdelení sféry vlivu ve výrobe motocyklu
  • 1946 extension manufactuing of chains
  • 1948 22.2.1948 –rozhodnutí sjezdu závodních rad o znárodnení všech podniku nad 50 zamestnancu
  • 1949 Zahájení výroby závodních stroju
  • 1954 Ukoncení výroby zbraní, výroba prevedena do Brna a Uherského Brodu
  • 1955 Vzniká CZM n.p.
  • 1958 Jawa-CZ 175/356-Smontován miliontý motocykl
  • 1959 Návrat znacky CZ na motocyklový trh
  • 1968 Predstavení nove typové rady 476 a 477 k 50.výrocí založ. Podniku
  • 1992 1.1.92-ustanovena dceriná spolecnost CZ Cagiva
  • 1997 Ukoncení výroby motocyklu, výroba retezu nadále zustává
  • CZ engines were fitted to some early 50's Monark motorcycles of Sweden.
    CZ Timeline courtesy Sverma

    Wed Mar 25 2015
    jimsdodge25 at
    looking for 1948 Jawa 125 cc
    1948 0r 1949 CZ Jawa 125
    I am looking for a 1948 CZ Jawa 125 cc to buy
    Upland CA

    Wed Jan 28 2015
    ampani18 at
    Looking for a contact or email address
    CZ 250 racer
    Hi CZ people, I met a classic racer this weekend at Phillip Island called Peter who was racing a CZ 250 I have some photos of him in action and Im looking for a contact email etc to send him the photos

    Fri Dec 05 2014
    scoota at
    cz250 key
    cz250 twin 471102,,623.4.017096
    hi where would I obtain an original key for my cz250 twin I can turn the lights on but not the ignition  regards shane    newzealand

    Tue Jun 24 2014
    cfortier at
    For sale
    cz 150cc type c and 250 cc perack
    Like new in show room condition
    Québec, Canada

    Mon Sep 02 2013
    CZ wanted
    CZ 250 Twinpiper mx
    Wanted 250 CZ Twinpiper  motocross. Any condition considered.

    Thu Aug 29 2013
    cz/jawa Trials
    cz/jawa 125 cc or 175cc
    want mid 60s trials w/red tank cream fenders
    Atlanta GA, USA

    Mon Sep 24 2012
    cz 125 j reg
    i was wondering if any one can help me i have a cz 125 which is complete and original its been sat in a garden for years i have rescued it could any bodt tell me of its value and can it be restored i would be greatfull for any help and information. thank you tina.
    west somerset england

    Thu Jun 28 2012
    Motor Repair Manual
    Cz 1947 125cc
    Finding repair manual for bike
    Kuala Lumpu


    Sun May 20 2012
    wiring loom
    cz 125 d/l
    hello there i am wondering if you can help me i have the bikie which the model i have sent to you, and i need wiring loom for this, is there any chance you can help me out with this as this is all i need to get me bike sorted , many thanks, 07528188703

    Tue Feb 21 2012

    CZ Cocy
    I have a Cocy 482.1 1972 (16" wheels square tank) an OZ/NZ farm bike. Did they ever make into your countries? Did the std 482(21"/18" wheels) make it? and if not why?

    Tue Mar 20 2012
    Value of cz
    CZ TYPE 988 250 ENDURO
    Hi, I have a cz 250 enduro type 988, wondering its approx value in average condition or restored and were they very rare? Regards Nigel.
    Nuriootpa South Australia

    Thu Jan 19 2012
    cz cocy
    cz cocy
    Did the 482.1 around 1972/73 cocy trail ever make it to NZ or OZ? I have one in the uk its a farm bike built for you guys but sold here cheap. why? any ideas

    Sat Mar 24 2012
    brian-mel09<at>hotmaildot com
    restored cz 175 type 450 1969
    cz 450
    cz 175 type 450 0074...1969...450 03 925::...been in the family 37yrs and iv been restoring it last two father/his brother and i have over 10 cz/jawas


    Thu Jan 19 2012
    cz cocy
    cz cocy
    Did the 482.1 around 1972/73 cocy trail ever make it to NZ or OZ? I have one in the uk its a farm bike built for you guys but sold here cheap. why? any ideas

    Fri Feb 10 2012
    shanerusselburg<at>yahoodot com
    1971 jawa cz 175
    1971 jawa cz 175 476
    I have a 1971 Jawa cz 175 model 476 stamped on motor. Will a model 477 motor fit on my bike, or are the motor parts interchangeable?

    Sun Dec 25 2011
    1935 motorcycle

    i have a frined who has the same motorcycle as the one on this page. I too would like information about this motorcycle. up to where i know my friend told me about 6 years ago someone was offering him 5,000 dollars. I believe he also mention there were only 30 or 40 of these made....not sure though. Well if you know anything abut this please let me know. For instance i would like to know how much is this worth now in days. Any information would be appreciated.


    Thu Nov 17 2011
    For sale?
    CZ Rigid Frame Girder Forks
    Hey there,

    I am very interested in your CZ Rigid Frame motorcycle with the orange tank and straight pipe. Is it for sale?! If so, please let me know how much and I would be happy to do business with you. If it is not for sale, could you please email me letting me know, that way I don't sit around wondering?

    Also, could you tell me exactly what year and model it is, so that way I can check out some other online resources for ones that are ready to buy?

    Thank you very much for your time, and hope you have a great Thanksgiving next week!

    Mon Oct 24 2011
    jikov carb
    cz 125 488
    hi,fitted jikov carb to a cz 125 to improve performance but carb keeps flooding,it seems that the float dosent seem to shut off,any advice appreciated,thanks.
    wolverhampton,west midlands

    Wed Aug 24 2011
    CZ 1988/488

    Fri May 27 2011
    Request CZ motor data
    CZ 1963 model, 175cc,
    Hi I need an Engine diagram of the CZ 1963, 175cc
    havana city

    Try under Books and Manuals - Resources

    Fri May 06 2011
    cz 125
    cz 125 984.1
    for bezinque ref no 115 cz. i had a 984.1 new supplied by the factory for the 1971 british championships. engine no 12. finished 3rd behind someone called noyce on a rickman zundapp

    different to your bike in that it had full width hubs and solid footpegs( not folding)

    very reliable slow bike.

    i have pictures .please clarify fin situation i,ll see if i can helo

    Sat Apr 30 2011
    value of
    Ceske Zavody Model 477
    bought this bike and want to know what amount I should insure it for.  Great condition, runs good.
    Rosthern, SK Canada

    Wed Feb 16 2011
    125 cz-indian decal
    cz 125b
    Have a cz 125b,  looking for a picture of the indian decal applied around the cz emblem when these bikes were sold by american indian dealerships in the late forties.

    Sat Jan 01 2011
    vision1516<at>aoldot com
    Gas Tank
    Jawa CV


    Tue Dec 21 2010
    Motor information
    CZ 125
    I am building a 1971 CZ125. I've been told because of the extra fin on the bottom of the head it is a long rod motor. I also have been told around 200 of these were built. My motor number is 115. I'm looking for any input and printed information on this motorcycle showing this to be correct. Thanks for reading,  John Bezinque,
    Kansas USA


    Wed Nov 24 2010
    motormaniac<at>hotmaildot com
    Please identify this bike
    CZ 175
    Would you please identify this bike
    Thank you
    Fenton, Michigan USA

    According to the front plate it is a 1936 CZ 175 - as it appears very similar to the 250cc of similar vintage, I suspect that this is correct. Ed.


    Tue Oct 26 2010
    clifforddetar AT
    1974 C.Z. 250cc red frame moto-cross
    C.Z. 1974 250/400 cc red frame motocross
    I owned one of these bikes from 1974-1975 questions welcome...
    Pittsburgh, Pa. U.S.

    Fri Oct 22 2010
    cliffordetar<at>yahoodot com
    C.Z. Motorcycles
    C.Z. 250 red frame mx
    I owned a 1974 250cc C.Z. red frame mx 1974-1979 wonderful bike, low maintenance, fast powerful reliable etc. not sure if/how i can help anyone but i'm willing to answer questions etc. jiroslav falta won the 1973 or 1974 F.I.M. title on a C.Z. i almost got the fata replica
    pgh. ,pa.

    Sat Aug 07 2010
    Parts for 1975 CZ streetbike
    CZ (Jawa) 125 cc Streetbike
    I've had this bike for 20 years and have alternately driven it and stored it. It's always been in mint condition, unfortunately the last time I took the battery out I misplaced the original paint batter cover and bracket to hold the battery. I'm looking for another that I could possibly match the paint to. I'm also looking for a column lock with key. This bike is a 1975 CZ 125 Streetbike. The last year they were shipped over here.


    Fri Aug 06 2010
    urbanclobber<at>gmaildot com
    What have I just purchased?
    CZ 453
    I have just purchased a CZ 125 453 I think.
    Can anyone verify what model this is. I think it is a CZ 125 - 453
    It was manufactured in 1965.


    Fri Mar 05 2010
    CZ twin pipe sale
    CZ 1966 250 twin pipe
    Fair condition complete except gear shift.
    Also spare engine requires rebuild. Piston etc. Spare PAL plugs Brake shoes,
    Kensington CT


    Sat Oct 31 2009
    acjzscottimggmaildot com
    military Cezet
    C.Z. 488
    hi I would like to see pics of military cz's although the Red Army didn't make it to West Australia...
    Albany W.A.

    Mon Nov 16 2009
    condenser part number
    cz 125 d/l 1988(f reg) 488 model
    hi ya
    could you tell me the part/s number for the condenser? i have found alternative part numbers for the points and other service parts. so any help in identifying part number/s for the condenser would be a great help.
    thanks mark
    birmingham,west midlands,uk


    Sun Jul 12 2009
    rogerj.hendersonimgbtinternetdot com
    Jawa 500 ohc Dave Pollard contact details
    Jawa 500
    David Pollard's email is
    I've attached a couple of pics of some of my bikes
    Yorkshire, England


    Fri Jul 10 2009
    cz motocykles
    what? cz 250/471
    hello, i can see that you have got lot of mistakes in your web page about cz motocykles... imposible mistakes... that is horrible... i am from czech republic (czechoslovakia doesnt exist more then 16yers!) and maybe i can help you  about those motocykles becose what i can see here makes me cry... write me if you whant help....
    czech republic

    Wed May 20 2009
    sallyandmarkvimghotmaildot com
    cz 150 bore size
    cz 1950
    could someone out there please advise me on what size i would  need to bore my barrel out to take a 57.25 sized piston\ ring set.

    Tue May 12 2009
    kickstart, turns trans not motor
    1975 cz enduro
    kickstart turns trans but not the motor. Have the book i think I have everything right. Obviously not. Help please thanks

    Thu Apr 02 2009
    flydealimgaoldot com
    tank stickers
    Cz 400 motocross
    need Tank stickers for repaint of tank

    Mon Mar 09 2009
    contact points
    cz 1951 125cc
    Can you assist in sourcing contact points for the above model or an equivalent or part no.
    This is the same bike
    hope this shines some light on the subject

    Mon Feb 16 2009
    flydealimgaoldot com
    9173 cz 400
    cz 988 400
    need rear wheel akront 18"

    Tue Dec 09 2008
    head lamp aprilia cross
    italia on CZ 250 enduro 1974
    I need head lamp aprilia cross 130 SSR K 2 uses on CZ 250 eduro type 988.2 1974


    Dec 2008

    You are not going back far enough to connect CZ and Indian. I'm not sure of the exact relationship in the early days, but there was something. There are photos of CZ 125b's with an Indian decal curved around the CZ tank emblem. This would have been from about 1947.

    From 1950 thru 1957 I worked for a large family (not mine) owned sporting goods business. We sold Schwinn, Raleigh, Evinrude, boats, guns, toys, fishing tackle, bowling balls, skis, you name it. And Indian. We sold a few Chiefs, but the thought was that the new lightweight Arrow and Scout were a better fit for our customers growing out of bicycles and Whizzers.

    It was a different world right after the war. There were no Jap bikes, and the English had not yet recovered enough from the war to export. There were all kinds of small motorized contraptions built in the USA. We sold Whizzers by the truckload, Simplex Servi-Cycles, and toward the end a few Zundapps.

    We also sold CZs from the 1947-8 125b thru the 150c of 1953 or '54, as best I remember. We purchased the CZs from International Motorcycle Company (IMC) in New York City. They definitely did not have Indian decals.

    I've been told or read that IMC was owned by a pair of Jewish brothers that left Czech to escape Hitler in about 1938, coming to the USA to sell Czech glassware and other Czech products, struggling until they hit on motorcycles after the war. Remember, that from 1945 to the early 1950s there was a huge shortage of motorized transport of any sort here in the USA as elsewhere.

    IMC also sold Jawas, but we never carried them because they would have competed with the Indian Arrow and Scout, 220cc single and 440cc vertical twin.

    By 1950-51 new car production had caught up with the pent-up demand from WWII, and the light motorcycle business faded. The 5 brothers that owned the dealership correctly saw more profit in the marine business, which was growing rapidly with the introduction of fiberglass replacing wood for boats. Boats and motors were more family oriented and generated more repeat business, whereas motorcycles became a sport thing for teenagers and rough young adults. In those days, you could not get a date if her father knew you rode a motorcycle!

    Indian folded in 1953, although the company struggled on into the early 1960s importing English Enfields and other stuff. In about 1955 our dealership sold out all the motorcycle parts and took down the signs.

    My guess is that immediately after the war when the Czech motorcycles became available, the Czech brothers had no way to distribute motorcycles so they made a deal with Indian to get access to the Indian distribution system and dealerships. It would also have been good for Indian, as they had nothing to compete with the then-new Harley 125, a pre-war German design the USA took as war reparations. BSA also was given this design information and built a very similar model 125. I think they called it the Bantam.

    Indian at that time was headed by Ralph Rogers who also owned Torque Engineering, developers of what became the 1948/9 vertical cylinder Arrow and Scout. These had left-side shift, down for 1st gear, same as CZ and now the world standard. The deal must have looked good to Indian too, as the CZ 125 fit nicely into their line. And, Indian was located in Springfield, Massachusetts, not far from New York.

    My copy of The Iron Redskin by Harry Sucher is a wonderful history of Indian, but it makes no mention of CZ.

    Indian was a worthy competitor to Harley before the war, selling roughly equal numbers of machines in some years, well less in others. Indian bet big on the Arrow and Scout, and bet wrong. Early machines had many problems due to lack of adequate development and testing as well as bad manufacturing quality. By the time they had the bugs worked out in about 1950 the market had dried up. They underpowered singles were dropped and the Scout became a 500 cc Warrior, and Warrior TT with upswept pipes and bobbed fenders, but it was too late.

    If anyone has a 1950 or '51 Warrior, contact me. I'd love to own one or just take one for a ride. It feels and looks much like grown-up Perak. Rounded tank, similar controls, low seating position, adequate power, and a nice ride with telescopic forks, plunger rear suspension and a sprung solo saddle.

    This is my own view of things, and I welcome additions or corrections.

    Don Kueny

    Mon Dec 01 2008
    What year?
    CZ 54154
    Hello, a friend has a rigid frame/girder forks like in your photo.  The one with the tank shift. I do not know what model it is since I can not read the language the tag is in. However, I did recognize the CCM 123. I would appreciate any info for this model. The frame and engine number is 128546. I can send photos if it would help.  Thanks Doug
    Illinois USA


    I will talk to the owner concerning the picture and get back with you.
    I used to work for a Jawa/CZ dealership in the mid 70's. He had an unusual Jawa that may be of interest to you. It was used for training purposes and had dual controls. I rode it a few times and it got quite a few looks. Actually I did a 200 word article on the old bike but never found anyone interested in including it in a magazine. You may have some ideas there. Thanks Doug
    Scott Hills  CZ125A.
    Scott said that his Uncle hauled two trailer loads of misc items to Florida when his Grandfather died. Parts of the old CZ may be in Florida. Hope so. Scotts grandfather was an Indian dealer.  Curious as to how Indian dealers seemed to get connected with CZ.  The dealer I used to work for  (11 years) still had about a dozen 125 oilmasters when I started in 73 and he used to be an Indian dealer also. Just curious.


    Nov 7 2008

    CZ 125 Earles Forks

    This cracks me up; the guy likely has a Sachs / DKW 125cc with the Earls fork. THIS bike is a '73 CZ 250 Enduro (first year) that I restored for a customer. Normally has conventional forks.. The fork in the pic is a Sachs / Earls that I Photoshopped on as it's a project in the works and I wanted to see how it looked. No need to change it; I like it. And the 71 CZ 380 a few posts above is a '73 and I know the actual owner of that bike too. I'll go through my stuff and send some CZ pics tonight. BTW I'm not trying to be pretentious; Lots of great stuff on your site. I see my pics a lot and the Springer Fork Enduro is taken seriously a lot. I have the parts and do plan to do the project when I get time. Which may be years. But it will happen. Oh yes........
    It will happen........Lee

    Below is my restored 1969 CZ 250 Side Piper that I built in 2000. Nothing Photoshopped here.........

    Here's the before and after Enduro pics. Type model 988. 1973 was the first year of the MX based Enduro; the early ones as here did not have radial heads. Lot's of leftover parts from 70 / 72. Below that is a Type 981 late 71 through 72 380, all yellow, commonly referred to as a 400. The 250 cc (type 980) looks the same, the main visual sign is a much larger rear sprocket. The blue bike is a 1973 400; the 250s have a red tank.....Lee

    Thu Nov 06 2008
    coleman-jeff7imghotmaildot com
    Bike Info
    CZ 125 1992
    I was given this dirt bike that seems to be in pretty good shape.  Wanting to know where parts can be found before rebuild is started.
    Yazoo City, MS

    Mon Oct 20 2008
    Jawa/CZ 450.03.93309
    am tryinto to get a pictire or any info on the bike made in 196????174cc type 450 0072 as best i can read-cant find any reference to model 450--any help appreciated
    many thanks
    New Zealand

    Sat Sep 27 2008
    gmantheimgbtinternetdot com
    down pipe
    cz ts125 1984
    could anyone help in locating a down pipe for my 1984 ts125 cz thanks

    Tue Aug 26 2008
    1974 CZ 250 mx frame dimensions
    CZ 1974 250 MX
    I am looking for the dimensions or a blueprint of the 1974 red frame 250 or 380 motocross CZ as  would like to make a lighter racing frame for my other engine.
    Does anyone know where i can find this information?

    Tue Aug 19 2008
    foxyparcimghotmaildot com
    CZ 175 Trail Wanted
    HI I'm looking for a CZ 175 Trail or information as to the whereabouts of one that might be for sale. Would like a ready to go bike but consider anything from basket case to beautiful. Cash waiting for swap for tatty but original 1984 Yamaha SR 500 that's  be stood for two years. Euro spec so alloy rims with spokesand no nasty plastic around the back of the seat. or 01286 831532. Cheers

    subject: cezeta 502 scooter
     jamesisaacsimgbigponddot com
    message: any info on cezeta 502 scooter much appreciated James

    Sun Mar 16 2008
    brakeliquidatorsimgyahoodot com
    CZ 1965-68 ? 360 CZ TWIN PIPE
    1965-68 ? CZ Twin Pipe. Garaged for 36 years looking for a buyer. Original owner and it's all original. Great restoration project VERY RARE!! If Interested email Ray brakeliquidatorsimgyahoo.clooking for best offer. Pics on request
    Central California


    Tue Jan 08 2008
    CZ 173CC 173CC

    Thu Nov 22 2007
    engine part

    dear brother,
    I have jawa cz 150cc 1955 of year.Do you have/sell carburator for it?thank u

    Fri Nov 02 2007
    1973 cz 125 mx eng
    Im looking for a 1973 125 cz mx eng

    Sat Oct 20 2007
    point gap
    1974 250cc motorcross
    can someone help me with the point gap on my 1974 cz 250 motor cross bike ,cheers

    Try under Books and Manuals - Resources

    Tue Oct 16 2007
    1974 CZ 175
    I bought this bike on E-Bay, has only 34 miles on it. will not start with out  the 6v battery,I can not find one. 3mo8 8ah.Can you help,please, thanks, Gary

    There is information about battteries on our page about motorcycle electrics.

    Thu Aug 02 2007
    CZ 360 motocross Side pipe or twin pipe
    I am looking for an old CZ to refurbish, can anyone out there help me?
    Maidenhead in England

    Tue Jun 19 2007
    2 Sets Of Points
    CZ 250 Sport
    Hi i am looking for 2 sets of points for a CZ 250 Sport, Type 471. 1979, T. reg. if anyone knows where in the UK he can get them, could you please let me know. many thanks

    Craig Glasgow, UK

    Mon Apr 16 2007
    I posted a message in November 2005 about a CZ motorcyle i was given.  I have been corresponding with a gentleman from Czechoslovakia however my motherboard blew up and i have lost your email address. You have previously sent me emails saying you were able to get me a speedo and a seat. if you could please contact me again as i no longer have your email address. I am in Australia. Kind regards
    Sydney, Australia

    Sat Mar 31 2007
    engine parts
    cz 250cc 1950
    i look for pieces for my restauration project
    canada quebec

    Mon Mar 05 2007
    CZ Motorcycle
    1946  125cc
    I need a tail light to complete my restoration. Any body have one?
    Columbus, Ohio...USA

    Thu Feb 08 2007
    darren.cooper653imgntlworlddot com

    Sun Jan 28 2007
    redoing old CZ,s
    71 380 yellow tanker
    I had a 71 frame from a yellow tanker, & I let it go only to find out that I need it again to redo it into a bike,
    was really sad after I let it go,as I was wanting to get an engine and parts & build a bike,
    realized how good CZ,s were,and wanted another one,
    alton kansas,

    CZ 380 1971.jpg
    CZ 380 1971

    Tue Jan 09 2007
    springer forks
    175 cz
    I was give a CZ 125 I think. It is a dirt bike with a springer fork. The fork is for one those to many projects but I would like to find a little more before I take my cut off wheel to it. So if you can help me out by either telling me or by pointing me in the righ direction that would be great. Thanks for the help,


    It is certainly a very cute little machine - I'm sure if you advertised it it would bring a good price, far more than it would cost to find a front end like that. Ed.

    CZ 125 Earles Forks.jpg
    CZ 125 Earles Forks

    Thu Dec 28 2006
    parts for cz125
    please advise where to get clutch parts for above

    Try the CZ directory at Bikelinks

    Sun Dec 24 2006
    panzergranateimghotmaildot com
    Rear Sprocket Bearing Failure.
    Type 638 and Type 632 TS 350
    This is an interesting fault that a friend has had on a Type 640 Blue Style, a friend in Montenegro has similar on a TS 350 Type 638 and I have on what started out as a Type 632 but has been retrofitted with a full powered 34 BHP unrestricted 1986 Type 638 KS 350 Mk.I...
    Read more of Andy Reid's rave on CZ & Jawa

    Sun Dec 17 2006
    cz 1948
    Can you help me find a manual and any info on the id plate numbers?thank you.Tom USA  1948 177388 78 228 1232 52/58 4

    Tue Oct 03 2006
    cariangdsimgntlworlddot com
    1967 CZ 175cc
    can you tell me what mix to use
    the gap for points/plug
    Why a have a week spark ?
    Redcar in Cleveland

    Mon Aug 28 2006
    cherokeered67imgyahoodot com
    1973 CZ (250?)
    I just recently acquired my late brother's old CZ, but I don't know anything else about it. It is a 1973 model, the engine and frame # looks like 988.0.000302; type:988; engine horsepower: 24.6900; wt:119 kgs. Can you help me identify this bike?
    Thank you!
    Deborah Matheny

    It appears to be a 1973 CZ 250 Enduro type 988 of which only about 1500 came to the USA, according to (404) this page.

    Sat Aug 19 2006
    CZ motorcycle
    would like to find out
    Dear all,

    I Bought a bike a few years ago and I would like to fix it, but does anybody recognize this CZ model?

    CZ 1950s.jpg
    CZ 1950s

    Mon Aug 07 2006
    stewartgregsonimgaoldot com
    where to get parts
    cz 125 year 1992
    i have just bought this bike to fix up, can u advise the best place to get parts, i need kick start/contact breakers and set of points

    Wed Aug 02 2006
    motolawimgaoldot com
    CZ Kickstarter
    CZ 516
    I have two 1978 CZ 516's. A running racer with Suzuki front end (I have the original front end also) and a parts bike. Parts bike has kick starter. When dialed iin, the 516 is a super fast, no maintenance, light-weght, reliable Elsinore beater.
    CA, USA

    Wed May 24 2006
    Parts for my CZ125
    CZ 125 motocross bike 1978/1979  typ 511
    could you help me Im looking for a kick start shaft for my CZ 125 motocross bike typ 511  any help would be gratefully appreciated !!

    Fri May 12 2006
    neilreilly799imghotmaildot com
    CZ Cezet 125
    Seen a CZ Cezet for sale at a reasonable price, but read some bad reviews about this model; the carburettor in particular seems to be a bit dicey...2 stroke...?

    Sun Apr 30 2006
    premix ratios
    cz [cezet]  175  1983 model.
    having just bought my cezet 175 to restore can somebody tell me the correct oil to petrol ratio please? in imp gals and litres please.
    doncaster,  uk.

    Sat Mar 11 2006
    Czeta scooter
    I am tryng to locate anyone who has informations regarding the Czeta scooters manufactured in 60's; specifically i would like to find the technical manual for Czeta scooter specificated by the in the photograph attached.
    I'm in San Marcello in Italy, my name is Lorenzo and  my phone number is 3494787027.
    ITALY  60018 SAN MARCELLO (AN) Via Montelatiere/5c

    Wed Nov 30 2005
    1949 cz
    i was given a 1949,150 cz, i was wondering if you could give me any information about this bike. i would like to know if it would be possible to find out what colours the bikes were released in,do you know of any books with cz from 1949 in you know anyone that deals in them or were to hunt parts anywhere in the world....i am in australia....any help would be good....brad

    Fri Sep 16 2005
    Jawa motorcycles Technical Manual
    I would like to find out the technical manual for Cz 350

    Thu Sep 01 2005
    richbees44imghotmaildot com
    i have an original storage cover for my cz are they rare

    July 26th 2005
    subject: Czeta Scooter
    message: Hi, I am trying to locate anyone who has info regarding the Czeta scooter manufactured in the 50 and 60's. I once owned a Nzeta in NZ many years ago, which is the NZ version and want to purchse a Czeta here in Aus. I have contacted MANY people but no-one seems to be able to help in any way.
    I ideally would love to buy an unrestored one as I want to restore it slowly myself.
    ANY info or contacts who may be able to help would be greatly appreciated.
    I'm in Adelaide, Australia and my phone number is 08-8262 8895.
    Kindest Regards Paul Anderson

    Sun Jun 05 2005
    Help to identify
    I recently aquired a CZ the numbers are 129360..can you help with the year it was built? Regards, Neal

    CZ Rigid Frame No129360.jpg
    CZ Rigid Frame No129360


    4 files in folder

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    Vintage Motorcycles at Ebay

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