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Manufactured 1923-1938 in Bolgna

Founded by Guido Dell'Oglio.

In 1926 they were building 5 different versions of their horizontal twostroke, one of which they raced at the Monza Grand Prix.

The following year they introduced a 4-speed 250cc vertical twin, and 1930 saw the introduction of 175cc and 350cc four-stroke models. The 175 was supplied CM who sold it as the GD70.

Included in the range were light twostrokes of 100cc. Production appears to have ceased in 1938 but may have continued into the war years.

Moto GD Models

GD Stella 1923

    Engine: Horizontal two-stroke single. Bore 51, stroke 60 mm, capacity 122.5 cc
    Ignition: flywheel magneto
    Carburettor: Zenith
    Lubrication: petrol-oil mix
    Transmission: Direct to the wheel by belt
    Frame: simple cradle in steel tube
    Maximum speed: 45 km/h

GD Corsa Alfa R2 125cc 1926

    Engine: two-stroke single with ball and roller bearings. Bore 51, stroke 60 mm, capacity 122.5 cc
    Ignition: Bosch magneto with manual advance
    Carburettor: Amac
    Lubrication: petrol-oil mixture
    Fuel tank: 10 litres
    Primary transmission: gears
    Gearbox: 2-speed
    Final drive: chain
    Chassis: Simple cradle, steel tubes
    Wheels: tyres 26x2
    Maximum speed: km/h 80-85

    This machine was very successful in the late 1920s with the likes of well-known racers Baschieri, Bernardoni, Rossetti, Sandri, Tenni and others frequently gaining the podium.

GD 175cc CM Turismo 1929

    Engine: single-cylinder vertical 2-stroke. Bore 58, stroke 65, capacity 171.6 cc
    Ignition: Bosch magneto
    Carburettor: Gurtner
    Lubrication: petrol-oil mixture
    Primary transmission: gears
    Gearbox: 3-speed
    Final drive: chain
    Chassis: Open cradle, tubular steel
    Wheels: 25x3 tyres
    Maximum speed: 75-80 km/h

    This machine was introduced in response to the new regulations which came in to force the previous year.

GD 70 A Normale 1931

    OHV vertical single-cylinder with cast iron barrel and head, single exhaust port. Bore 58.5, stroke 64.0. Capacity 171.9cc. V
    Ignition: Bosch magneto
    Carburettor: GA 16 (replace by Amac on some surviving examples)
    Dry sump, Best & Lloyd oil pump
    Primary: chain drive in steel chaincase.
    Multiple dry disk clutch
    Three-speed Burman gearbox
    Final drive: chain
    Frame: steel tube
    Front suspension: parallelogram
    Tyres: 3.25x19
    Brakes: Expansion lateral
    Maximum speed 85 km/h

Bibliography: Moto G.D. - L' Aquila a due tempi by Enrico Ruffini

Sources: motoclubstoricoconti.it, museibologna.it, correspondence

Thu Mar 11 2010
mmoss62<at>gmaildot com
GD Motorcycles
GD any
I am an American looking for a GD motorcycle, any help with this would be appreciated. Any condition
Richmond, Va USA

Mon Jun 19 2006
rocom at dnet.it
Motore moto gd 175 bicilindrico
Vendo motore gd bicilindrico del 1927?

GD 175 c1927.jpg
GD 175 c1927

Wed Oct 26 2005
prima.ribica at siol.net
moto GD
Hello, I have one of the moto GD. Where I can find spare parts for it? I am from Slovenia
Thank you, Matej

Thank you for your fast work. I have two pictures of that moto. You can see, that the reservoar and front light are not original. I dont know of other parts. The frame is a litle bit modyfied. I have the book Moto GD l'aquila a due tempi. From that book i think that it may be tipo Monza  - modelo S.S.1 on the page 77.

Thank you, Matej

January 17th 2005
There is a superb book on Moto GD by Enrico Ruffini
Moto G.D. - L' Aquila a due tempi
ISBN: 88-7911-042-X

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