European Motorcycles


Historical References for Vintage, Veteran & Classic Motorcycles

The Motor Cycle and Motor Cycling: Some 1500 issues dating back to the 1920s. A partial listing here

Tragatsch: The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Motorcycles 1st edition, gift from my sister Christmas 1979. The dustcover boldly states "Every bike ever made... over 2500 entries". That is perhaps an exaggeration.

Peter Henshaw: Encyclopedia of the Motorcycle

Works by Bob Currie, Roy Bacon and Ken Hallworth

Bruce Main-Smith: numerous publications

Fanatical Fay Taylour: Her sporting & political life at speed, 1904-1983. Dr Stephen M. Cullen.(PDF) 

Fay on Four Wheels Richard Armstrong, 2016

Fay Taylour: Queen of Speedway by Brian Belton. Panther Publishing Ltd ISBN: 9780954791247

AJS of Wolverhampton, S.J. Mills. ISBN 0-9523338-0-5

A-Z des Motos Belges by Egon Duchateau, Geert Huylebroeck, Nick Jonckheere and Rik Van Eycken.

Historia del Motociclismo Argentino Juan Von Martin


Dizionario tecnico marolli italiano-inglese, Le Monnier, Firenze, 10th Edition, pp2045

Mario Columbo: Moto Guzzi, Milani 1977

Cento anni di moto 1886-1986 1986 Milano

Moto italiane - i primi 50 anni - 1895-1945 Milani S. 1995-1998 Pavia

Le motociclette MV Agusta Campioni del Mondo Restelli E. 2002 San Giuliano Milanese

Edoardo Bianchi Gentile A. 1992 Milano

La motocicletta italiana - un secolo su due ruote tra storia, arte e sport 2005 Milano

Motociclismo a Trieste - Cent'anni di storia nella provincia giuliana, Franco Damiani di Vergada, 2007, ISBN 978-88-8190-224-8 .

Moto Gilera Pignacca B. 1983 Milano

Innocenti Lambretta Tessera V. 1996 Vimodrone

Moto G.D. - L' Aquila a due tempi by Enrico Ruffini. ISBN: 88-7911-042-X

Moto Guzzi - il sogno italiano 2004 Roma

Ganna: il campione, le gare, le motociclette - by Ernesto Restelli.


La Motocyclette en France. Bourdache. Four volumes, 1894-1924, 1945-1970

Claude Reynaud Le Grand Dictionnaire des Motos Françaises, and works covering Terrot, Peugeot and others.

Motos Française 1869/1962 - Patrick NEGRO

Les Motos Françaises - Cent ans d'Histoire - Bernard Salvat

Gnome-Rhône - L'Histoire des Motocyclettes - Daniel David

Monet-Goyon - La Moto Française - Michel GAGNAIRE/Franck Meneret

Monet-Goyon - Des origines à 1939 - Jean GOYARD

Motobécane et Motoconfort - Souvenir d'un Ingénieur - Eric Jaulmes

Les Motocyclettes Henri Dresch - François-Henri Denise

Robert Sexe - Reporter Motocycliste Photographe 1890/1986 - J-P Schuls

Le Vélosolex de mon Père - Franck Meneret/Jean Goyard

Le Vélosolex , la bicyclette qui roule toute seule - Salvat/Pascal/Goyard

Moto-Guzzi - L'Histoire - 1921/1993, Voxan - La Naissance d'un Mythe and others - Christian Guislain

50 ans de Motocyclettes Française, and several other works - Dominique Pascal

Other references

Tom Cotter: The Vincent in the Barn

L.S. Skartsis, "Greek Vehicle & Machine Manufacturers 1800 to present: A Pictorial History", Marathon (2012) ISBN 978-960-93-4452-4

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