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A Brief History of the Marque

Made in England between 1906 (or 1908) and 1914, the factory produced small numbers of motorcycles using single cylinder and V-twin engines mostly from Blumfield, Precision and Villiers. Their frames were built using components from Chater-Lea and BSA.

Wikipedia mentions Givaudan as an English manufacturer here
Givaudan History

Sources:  Henshaw, Tragatsch (almost identical entries)

Bill Phelps, however, suggests that information on the English marque may well be erroneous.

Thu Oct 06 2005
dirk.praet at reklaamblad.be
Please notice you did use a photograph of my bike Givaudan: this is not a British bike but a French bike 1904 from Lyon. In France there was also Givaudan, made by F. Givaudan, for testing engines being an aviation pioneer

Dirk Praet

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