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Zundapp engines have been used in numerous machines including Casal, Hercules, Meister, Newmount, Rickman and Santamaria.

Brief History of the Marque

Zündapp was founded in 1917 by Dr. Fritz Neumeyer and Friedruch Krupp to produce munitions. In 1919 Neumeyer became sole owner and began production of motorcycles.

Advertisements of the day proclaimed that their motorcycles were "Motorrades für jedermann," motorcycles for everyone.

By 1938 Zündapp had produced more than 200,000 motorcycles. During World War II, Zündapp produced motorcycles for the German military.

In 1951 Zündapp decided to take a look at the scooter craze sweeping Italy. After designing a few prototypes based on some of the more popular Italian designs, Zündapp decided that Germany was ready for a homemade scooter.

The Bella is not as curvy as the Vespa or Lambretta scooters of the day, but the elegant design did catch the eye of the critcs at the 1953 Frankfurt show.

Characterized by a very large front fender with a slim rear end and a tubular motorcycle-like frame, the Bella had strong resemblence to the Moto Parilla Levrier scooter. The Bella had large 12-inch wheels and was originaly produced in only a 150cc model. Later a 200cc model was released which boasted 10hp.

The last 150cc Bella was manufactured in 1958, but the 200's were continued until 1962. A 175cc model, the R175S, was introduced in 1961 and continued through 1964.

The End of Zündapp

After the Bella, Zündapp made the Roller 50 and RS50 scooters, which compared to the large Bella, are very slimmed down. These scooters, which were very similar to the Lambretta of the day, were made until 1984.

In 1984 and 1985, Zündapp began to experience severe financial troubles and as a result, the entire stock and factory was sold to China.

Some of the information above above is unverified.


Zundapp Motorcycles

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