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FMB Telaimotor

Address: Via Fossolo, 38, Bologna

Umberto Fantini and Athos Busi produced motorcycles from 1959 to 1982, some of which used Benelli engines.

Fantini, of Milan, is a specialist in the construction of frames for cycles and motorcycles, as well as electrical accessories. Busi had previously built Nettunia motorcycles until its demise in 1953.

They were well organised and well financed, and in November 1959 at the Milan Salon they presented lightweight 125 motorcycles and the Donna and Sport mopeds. In their first 9 months of operations they built 800 machines.

In the 1960s they built a variety of models for export, and also built go-carts powered by Minarelli and Bultaco engines. Busi left the business in 1966, after which the company produces frames for other manufacturers.

They built the Yankee Peddler which was marketed in the United states in the years 1977 to 1979.

Museo del Patrimonio and others state that the company also built MFB motorcycles, but there some doubt about this. Visit 50iniepoca for a long and often confusing discussion on the issues surrounding the mysteries of FMB Telaimotor, MFB and other possibly related and relatively undocumented marques.

Sources:, Museo del Patrimonio Industriale, Bologna, et al.

Mike Ricketts writes, in April 2021:

Here is a puzzle for you. This is a cyclomoteur (Moped) produced by Telaimotor. It was sold as an Aquila Sprint with, despite the badge on the crankcase, a Benelli engine. Unfortunately there was a French brand named Aquila built in Saint Etienne and they resorted to law and stopped the Italian machine being imported.

I got the information from a couple of places, one being the Cyclo-sport by Bernard Soler-Thebes - a French moped bible.

Thu, 12 Oct 2017
comoti.roberto at (Mail delivery failed)
fmb telaiomotor 1969

ciao vorrei saper se per caso avete informazioni sul valore di un motorino F.M.B. TELAIOMOTOR 1969 advert , poichè dopo molte ricerche in rete non trovo il suo valore . naturalmente sto parlando di un motorino perfettamente conservato , integralmente originale , con una distanza percorsa di qualche manciata di centinio di km utillizzato appena acquistato . i veicolo presenta ancora i pneumatici originali della produzione . nel caso posso inviarvi qualche foto dato che un raro esemplare se volete esporla sul vostro sito . presenta ancoa gli adesivi originali . grazie della cortesia.
roberto comotti
bergamo Italy

hello I would like to know if by chance you have information about the value of a F.M.B. TELAIOMOTOR 1969 advert, as after many research on the net I find its value. Of course I'm talking about a perfectly preserved, fully original engine, with a distance of just a handful of hundreds of miles used to just purchased. the vehicle still has the original production tires. in case I can send you some photos as a rare specimen if you want to export it to your site. presents the original stickers. thanks for courtesy.

Sun May 19 2013
moped manual
franco minerilli yankee peddler
could you give me the address of steve's moped in NJ
united states

They are listed under NJ in Bikelinks

Tue May 08 2012
Vin number location
FMB Yankee Peddler
Want to know how to obtain the Vin # on my 1977 yankee peddler, number on sticker has been rubbed off when I bought it. Please help so I can register it.
Sacramento, Ca USA

Sun Jul 12 2009
hobbybox at
FMB Telaimotor
FMB Telaimotor 48 SS
The Telaimotor factory was established in the city Bologna.
I have attached a copy from an advertizing from the magazine Motociclismo, datet november 1969.
And a picture from the 48SS that I own

The frame on the pictures from Paolo is the same as on the picture from Nico and my picture.
This frame was also used by Aquila and was equiped with a Benelli engine

Ciao, Henk Janssen - Netherlands
Someren NL

Tue Sep 16 2008
omgitztarnue at yahoo dot com
yankee peddler fmb
looking for gas tank

Sun Dec 23 2007
1977 Yankee peddler
necesito un piston con aros para 1977 yankee peddler.

Mon Dec 03 2007
foggiato at
Telaimotor FMB
FMB Telaimotor 48 SS
Dear Sirs, I bought this 48cc bike but the previous owner repaint it. I ask to know the original shape, color and logo to restore it.
Thanks. Paolo

Sat Oct 20 2007
cirilodqydll at
50cc,2 stroke
yankee peddler
tengo un yankee peddler 1977 2 stroke con solo 150 km corridos.necesito piston y rings para este motor.espero respuesta

Mon Aug 13 2007
Carsone73005 at
Help I cant find VIN # anywhere
1977 FMB Yankee Peadler moped
Could you help me out possibaly and let me know where i could look to find the VIN# i cant regester without. Thanks alot
Narragansett, RI , United states

Tue Jun 26 2007
rsenn4 at hotmail dot com
cannot start and can't find VIN
yankee peddler
cannot start and throttle seems to do nothing. Trying to get title straight but can't find a vin
I finally figured out how to start it but I believe my title is bogus. They charge so much for title transfer here in Illinois its hard telling when the last time this bike was titled. I didn't see the person whom I bought it from on the title either. The title I have says it's 1963 but I find that hard to believe. That is why I need to find the VIN. Thanks for any help. Rich

Fri Jun 08 2007
joelisa13 at aol dot com
replacement parts
1976 yankee peddler
I am looking for a replacement coil for a 1976 yankee peddler in the united states .... is there any distributors in the USA ??
united states

Sun Oct 22 2006
danrogers at hotmail dot com
1980 yankee peddler
serial # 03348 telaimotor moped
found stored in a garage in need of repairs. any information or manual to help. parts available
tampa, florida usa

Thu Aug 31 2006
nico-lize at hotmail dot com
FMB supersport moped
I have bought a FMB supersport moped.
I am looking for the right logo on the sides of the gastank.
I have added some pictures to make the model known
The bike is made in Italia. It's a 49 cc 2 stroke engine. The marque is an FMB telaimotor.

The bike will be restaured this winter.

greetinngs nico van der Houwen

Tue Jun 07 2005
airsoftking27 at hotmail dot com
1977 FMB Yankee Peddler
I have a 1977 FMB Yankee Peddler, and it doen't always fire up when I try to start it. I believe it is due to a bad capacitor in the flywheel. Do you know where I can get one?

February 28th 2005
This page includes the following:
"I have a 1977 FMB Yankee Peddler moped for which I'm desperately in need of some information and parts. It was manufactured by FMB Telaimotor in March 1977 and has a Motori Minarelli engine with the number S1 DEM9560-S stamped on the engine's housing."

Daniele Maglione wrote:
I'm writing to you because i just found a telaimotor in a garage.  I would like to know where it's possible to find any information about product from telaimotor (that i think doesn't exist more).

Lieven Loots wrote:
Just got this mail. Anyone out there who knows more? Ivar maybe?
Myself, this is the very first time in my life I hear the name telaimotor.


I have seen a Telaimotor in Italy on a few rare occasions. Small 50cc mopeds. Though I am not sure, I believe they carried a two stroke Fantic engine. Not much help I guess. -- Ivar de Gier

March 21, 2000
I own a 1979 50cc Minarelli Moped that goes by the name "Yankee Peddler". The Minnarelli engine was exported & put on frames in Rhode Island. I'm trying to bring it back to life (it was barely running when I got it) & know only the basics of bike repair.

I picked up as repair manual from Steve's mopeds in New Jersey (they're on the net), but unfortunately there was no help for the wiring, just the engine.

I know Minarelli was either bought out or became another company, but I can't remember what. It might be a good source for replacement parts & info if I can find out. Please email any & all advice (except "Junk it & get a new one." - I've already heard that) to catbus40 at yahoo dot com . Thanks!

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