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Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Restorations: Honda

1959 Honda CS76 Dream Sport

1959 Honda CS76 Dream Sport

Owned by John Morrison ofFlorida

This bike was brought into the states in the early 1960s by an American serviceman on tour-of-duty in Japan. Riding in the 'rough' later on leave near his home in Florida, this original owner smashed the unprotected crankcase on a log or rock. The engine was removed and taken back upon the subsequent return to duty in Japan, where it was delivered to the front door of the Honda factory in Hamamatsu. The factory repaired it for free with new lower case and crankshaft, and included design updates to the less-than-perfect dry-sump lubrication system.

After return to the States and re-installation of the engine, the bike was parked while the owner got on with life with family and career.

Forty some-odd years later is where I come in. A friend who lives near it had seen the bike and tried to purchase it from the original owner's son, who had just previously purchased it for a pittance from his dad.  My friend was unable to convince the new owner to sell, but in the meantime gave him my contact information.

Started restoration in late 2003, finished up about 120 hours of effort later mid-year 2004. Bike has won first in class in the few shows it has done, missing out only to my own Dream ME in one of those!

I would very much like one of my own - and will have one someday.

1961 Honda CS92 Benly Sport

1961 Honda CS92 Benly Sport

Owned by Mike Buttinger of CMS, The Netherlands, Europe.

Thismodel Honda was never exported to the United States market, but many were sold in other markets, especially Japan. It appears a few were sold in Canada, accounting for all the ones of which I'm aware within our borders as I write this. There were larger "Dream" versions of this upswept exhaust twin sold in the NorAmer markets however, know as the CS(A)71, CS(A)76 250cc Dry Sumps, and the CS(A)72 & CS(A)77 305cc Wet-Sumps.

1965 Honda C240 Cub

This specific bike's known history started with a buy from an internet auction by a fellow from the Pacific Northwest several years ago.  Having come into more Honda Benly JC58s that one person ever needs - that would be two - I managed to trade one of those for this unit in unrestored condition. I have since sold the bike as indicated in the title.

Restoration was begun early 2003, finished by mid-year. Has won first place trophies in class each of four shows entered.

1965 Honda C240 Cub

1965 Honda C240

Step-through owned by Mike Buttinger of The Netherlands.