Maudes Trophy

In 1923, Mr George Petty , proprietor of Maude's Motor Mart donated a "challenge trophy" for the ACU (Auto-Cycle Union) to award annually for the most meritorious, observed endurance test for motorcycles.

Some Milestones

1923 - 1926 Norton win every year.

1927 - Ariel run a 557cc sidecar outfit for 5,000 miles without stopping the engine.

1929 - Dunelt won the Maudes Trophy in 1929, covering 25,000 miles.

1930s - Dominated by Triumph and BSA.

Stanley Show 1910
Maude's Motor Mart.
This exhibit consists of motor-cycles and a plated sidecar chassis. The motor-cycles include Motosacoche, Ariel, Enfield, Rex, Matchless, Hobart Bird, N.S.U., and F.N. makes.

Sources: Graces Guide

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