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Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian Automotive Museums

Arvika Fordonsmuseum, Sweden
The museum has a large collection of motorcycles, beautifully presented. The displays include Union SRM, Norton, Huskvarna Adler, EBE, NSU, MotoReve, Velocette, Indian, Moto Guzzi, Coventry Victor, Fulda, Douglas, BMW, TWN, Ariel, Metisse, Rumi, TWN...
Address: Automotive Museum Thermiavägen 2
Website: arvikafordon.nu

Assa Museum, Sweden
Exhibits include Husqvarna, a 1930 Ariel, a 1930 Dunelt, a 1944 BSA M20 in civilian guise, a Welbike, a very unusual V-Twin two-wheel drive motorcycle by Berthold Ericsson based on a Swedish Rex, a simply gorgeous BSA B33 by Stig Karlsson and a well-presented OK Supreme from 1931.
Address: Åssa Industri og Bilmuseum, Bryggargatan 2, 597 30 Åtvidaberg
Website: assamuseet.se

Bjorkenas Moped Museum
Address: Björkenäs Mellangård, Gränna
Website: veteranmopeder.com
The museum displays a large number of mopeds and motorcycles in a charming rustic wooden building near Gränna.

Bynanders Motormuseum
Torstorps Gård 512 93 Svenljunga
Over over 200 mopeds and motorcycles, many cars.
Website: bynandersmotormuseum.se

Eds MC Motormuseum
One of the largest collections of motorcycles in Sweden, featuring the full range of Rex 1923-1953 along with EBE which were built in the nearby town of Åmål.
The museum is managed by Club MCV Bohus-Dal.
Address: Storgatan 26 66830 Ed, Sweden
Website: mc-dalsland.se

Falköping Motorcykelmuseum
Address: Danska vägen 144, 521 31 Falköping, Sweden
Over 130 motorcycles are exhibited including a large number of competition machines. There is also an interesting military section.
Website: mcmuseet.se

Nostalgimuseum Grängesberg
The motorcycle section includes Swedish marques Surrac, Centrum, Tiger TZ, Svalan and others.
Address: Djupuddsvägen 14 , 77290 Ludvika, Sweden
Website: motornostalgimuseum.com

Gråfors Museum Sparreholm
Motorcycle exhibits include EBE, Nimbus, Colibri, DKW, ÖWA and an interesting collection of three-wheelers.
Address: Landsvägsgatan 11, Sparreholm, Sweden
Website: graforssamlingar.se

High Chaparral Auto Museum
"...huge collection of old cars, motorcycles, toys, paintings..."
Address: High Chaparral 33031 Kulltorp, Sweden
Website: highchaparral.se
Facebook: fb.com/highchaparralsweden

Hjorteds Mopedmuseum
Fascinating collection of lightweights includes Raleigh Lohman, Dongo, BSA, Kuli, Victoria , Fuchs, ABG VAP, MAW, Cyclemaster, Mini Motor, Berini, Solex, Velmo, Colibri, Follis, Brennabor and Lutz.
Address: Falsterbovägen 20, 590 91 Hjorted
Website: veteranmoped.se

Härnösands Car Museum
The focus of the museum is on American cars, but it also has some 20 or 30 motorcycles including Mustang, Typhoon and Puch.
Address: Djuphamnsvägen 4, 871 45 Härnösand
Website: harnosandsbilmuseum.se
Facebook: Härnösands

Husqvarna Fabriksmuseum
Motorcycles, mopeds, cycles, firearms and much much more.
Address: Hakarpsvägen 1, 561 41 Huskvarna
Website: husqvarnamuseum.se

Ivars Bilmuseum
The automobile museum displays a mouthwatering collection of restored motorcycles including Velocette, Triumph, Royal Enfield, DKW, Husqvarna, TWN, FN, Horex, Hägg, ÖWA, Rumi...
Address: Västra Hoting 370, 830 80 Hoting
Website: ivarsbilmuseum

Karlskrona Autosport Museum, Sweden
Exhibits include Francis Barnett, Triumph, Norton, BSA, Rudge, Velocette, Rex...
Address: Östra Köpmansgatan 1, Karlskrona
Website: fabas.se

Kvarnbackens Teknik & Prylmuseum
The focus is on nostalgia, proof of which is a mini-golf course! The museum has a number of vintage motorcycles including Furir, Owa, EBE...
Address: Kvarnvägen 11, 812 30 Storvik
Website: n/a
There is a page about the museum and its motorcycles at Bjorn's Story

Motala Motormuseum
Some 125 motorcycles and mopeds are displayed, including machines of champion rider Einar Lindqvist.
Address: Platensgatan 2, Hamnen, 591 35 Motala
Website: motormuseum.se
Facebook: fb.com/motalamotormuseum

Rydaholm Museum
Along with a strong collection of exotic sports cars, the museum displays include Norton, MV Augusta, AJS, Bayliss-Thomas, DKW, EBW Huskvarna...
Address: Smålands bil musik och leksaksmuseum 330 17 Rydaholm
Website: motorima.com

Tekniska museet Stockholm
Museum of Science and Technology Stockholm
Displays Aircraft, autombiles, motorcycles and turbines. MC exhibits include a Hildebrand and Wolfmüller, Husqvarna, Carle, Typhoon...
Website: tekniskamuseet.se
Facebook: fb.com/tekniskamuseet

Thulin Room, Landskrona Museum, Sweden
A magnificent museum with a good deal of automobile history, it has a hall devoted to Thulin which describes in great detail his engines, aircraft and automobiles. Very little about his motorcycles, unfortunately.
The exhibition is described at Bjorn's Story
Website: mhkskane.nu (The club which manages the museum)

Torsby Vehicle Museum
Torsby, Sweden
Ariel, EBE, Rex Villiers, Excelsior, NV, Indian Scout, Rex Jap, Panther, Husqvarna and many more...
Website: torsby-fordonsmuseum.se

Torsångs motormuseum Sweden
Address: Torsång 27, 781 94 Borlänge
Displays Antoine, Moto Reve, Wanderer, NSU, Adler, Ariel, FN, Rex, Bunis, Carolus...
Website: visitdalarna.se

Helsingborg Museum, Sweden
This small museum closed after the death of the owner in 2012.
Source: Bjorn's Story

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