Adria Motorcycles

Adria 1920

Adria Motorenfabrik, Paul Mühlbach, Kamenz (Sa)

A Brief History of the Marque

Paul Mühlbach, Kamenz (Saxony)

The Adria firm's main business was building engines for automobiles and boats. Their motorcycles utilised sidevalve singles of 276cc and 346cc. Another source says the engines were 276cc & 282cc. Early models were single-speed belt drive, later models had three speed gearboxes.

Some engines were supplied by Lutz. (SF)


  • Kraftrad - 2 1/2 PS 280cc four-stroke
    ADRIA Modell G - 2 1/2 PS SV engine
    ADRIA Modell R - 2 1/2 PS four-stroke 200cc


Source: Henshaw, SF

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