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A Brief History of the Marques

There were two Atlantic marques built in Germany in the 1920s, possibly concurrently. There was also the Atlantis.

1924-1926 Atlantic Automotive AG, Berlin

The Berlin Atlantic built in Berlin was a forerunner of Bastert-Einspurautos of the 1950s and was made from 1921 to 1926. The Atlantic was powered by a BMW M2B15 engine and was based on the Mauser Einspurauto. The Atlantic corporation promoted the Einspurwagen with the slogan: "The smallest and cheapest car in the world, reliable and solid." Production ceased in 1926.

ATLANTIC (Brackwede)
1923-1924 Fahrzeugfabrik Atlantic, Stapelage Meyer & Sons, Brackwede

Theodor Meyer Stapelage and his sons founded in late 1923 in Brackwede Atlantic and the vehicle factory set forth light motorcycles fitted with four-stroke engines. Records indicate some 200 models were built with 1.5 hp engines and the 250 with 2.5hp engines. All models had belt drive. In November 1924 the firm became insolvent.

Atlantik (Bamberg) - 173cc twostroke from Germany, 1925 to 1926.

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