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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured by Mécanicarm in St. Etienne, France 1925 to 1928. The company traded as Morgan-Monotrace, but bore no relationship with the British firm.

Built under licence to the German Mauser concern these very interesting machines featured a watercooled 520cc engine powering a coachbuilt tandem two-seater body on a pressed-steel chassis, with outrigger wheels for use when stationary. Known in Germany as an Einspurauto, the horizontal single-cylinder engine was mounted in front of the rear wheel with drive to the gearbox and axle by chains.

There is also a listing for a machine powered by 765cc Rosengart engine. In total 310 units were produced in France, and although manufacturing ceased in 1928 it appears they remained on sale until 1930.

Several examples exist including one at the Musée Henri Martre.

In 1999 French student Pierre Gillet built a prototype foot-forward machine of the same name. Production was due to begin in 2002 of the Monotrace Hybris powered by a 1000cc Honda engine and with a claimed top speed of 280kph.

Peraves of Switzerland, builder of the Ecomobile, built a similar machine - the Monotracer.
Sources: Motos dans la Loire, correspondence, et al.

Nov 4th 2005
finally got the 1925 Monotrace cabriole photos for you. I am forwarding them with another email, so if you dont get them let me know.
Pat holmes

Sat Oct 29 2005
zulusmail at
Hi, was looking at your interesting sight. 
I actually own a 1925 monotrace that runs and is in original condition. Posiibly the best original one in the world, as it still has the retractable roof and upholstery. If you would like photos for you site I would be glad to send you some.
The bike is in Oxnard, usa

September 11, 2001
Do you remember my last text on December 8, 1999? I'm Pierre GILLET, and I would like to give you some news from my Monotrace. Now, the Prototype is ended, and will be shown in Paris, in the end of September (international two wheel show). That's really an incredible machine. We hope we would be able to sale some units, because our company, created for this vehicle, is able to build other machines. I hope you will be interested by this, and I wish you ask me some pictures !
my new mail : contact at hybris-concept dot com
web site (open on September, 28th 2001) : hybris-concept com

December 8, 1999

My name is Pierre Gillet, and I saw in your website that you referenced "Monotrace". I'm currently building a Monotrace which will probably proposed en 2001. Is it possible to add a link to my page on the word "Monotrace" My address : www.monotrace com

Thanks, -- Pierre. -- Monotrace at aol dot com

From Sheldon: Looks like Pierre is going to build a new version of the old 1920's Monotrace. We certainly wish him luck and hope that he keeps us informed of his progress.

December 10, 1999
I would like to thank you for adding a link to my page ! I will give you information of my progress in the future. Today, our vehicle has made about 3,000 Kms of tests and we are now studying the design and the materials.  Our technology offers the possibility for anyone who has experience of motorbike to drive our Monotrace, and I can say that the sensations in this vehicle are really INCREDIBLE !
Thanks for your interest ! -- Pierre -- Monotrace at aol dot com

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