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A Brief History of the Italian Marque

Autolux moto d'epoca

Con sede a Milano in via Procaccini, costruisce motocarri con motore elettrico dal 1938 al 1948.

Realizza anche una vetturetta elettrica a tre ruote.

Based in Milan at via Procaccini the firm built motocarri with electric motors between 1938 and 1948.

At the 1937 Salone Internazionale di Milano they presented a machine described as a three-wheeled vehicle in delta style (single wheel at front) with a two-door body seating two people and a small luggage compartment behind the seats. The batteries were housed in the main luggage area. It claimed a maximum speed of 35 km/h.

The firm produced a variety of electric vans for the commercial market, production figures estimated at a total of 100 units. There are no surviving examples.

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