Cudell Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

1898-1905 Cudell Max & Co., engine and vehicle plants, Aachen
1902-1906 Cudell Max & Co., Berlin

Max Cudell, one of the oldest vehicle manufacturers in Germany, had already built tricycles and motorcycles with single-cylinder De Dion engines from 1898 to 1905. The displacement of these ancestors for the motorcycle was between 400 - and 510 cc.

Also connect to the 1900 Companies based in Aachen Fafnir built-in motor factory did not exist at that time apparently. 1906 then published in Berlin a bicycle auxiliary engine produced by Max & Co. Cudell.

It appears that the also firm built Argus engines under licence.

Martin Stolle of BMW fame worked with Cudell from 1903.

There is no further evidence of the marque after 1906.

Sources:  GTU Oldtimerservice

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