Belgian Motorcycles


Manufactured 1899-1906

Belgian company that first produced a motor tricycle and a voiturette in 1899.

The agents in the UK were Graphic Motor and Engineering Co.

The business was then bought by a British concern, the company name was changed, and for 1904 the cars were renamed as the Baudouin after the street in which the factory was located. Also a new car was developed with a powerful 40-50hp engine, no gearbox was used, and the car was marketed as the 'Direct'.

1903. Of other well-known Continental vehicles the Graphic Motor and Engineering Company represented those of Dechamps, of which 7 and 9-h.p. twin-cylinder types, and 14 and 18-h.p. 4-cylinder types were on view.

Dechamps Motor Company (Limited). Capital, £1,500 in £1 shares. Object to acquire from the Graphic Motor and Engineering Company (Limited), the business, goodwill, and the right to use the name Dechamps in connection with motors, motor cars, &c.
(From The Auto Journal of 1903, scanned by Google and available on Archive.org)

Source: Graces Guide

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