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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1909-1939 ¹

Della Ferrera was established in Turin in 1909 by Giovanni and Federico Della Ferrera at their factory in Corso Regina Margherita, Turin.

Della Ferrera produced motorcycles of 175 cc, 350cc and 500cc which were beautifully hand-crafted, and not the product of an assembly line. Advertising of the day guaranteed them for 100,000 kilometres, which may have been a tad optimistic.

Prior to WWI they experienced success in racing, and had built a 500cc four-valve single. They also built an engine the description of which sounds very much as if it employed a desmodromic system: "control system of the overhead valves, which makes use of a double rocker arm, which rests with each end on the stem of a valve." In 1913 they built a 500cc OHV V-twin which did very well.

Subsequent to the armistice they went on to create a simply staggering array of new engines, from tiny two-strokes to high-performance V-twins. In 1919 they displayed a single-cylinder 636cc machine with a four-speed gearbox. One popular twostroke was a 125 of 36x60 mm.

Augusto Monaco collaborated in the construction of a 250cc four-stroke supercharged engine producing 13 hp at 7000 rpm.

They sold engines to other manufacturers including GRG, Ottino, Conti and Tommasi

The 1938 range included 175 and 350cc OHV Super Sport Lusso models, a 500cc SV Tursimo and a motocarro called a Moto-Furgone, also sidevalve.



Three-wheeled motorcycle-based light utility vehicle
Synonyms: motocarro, motofurgoncini, motofurgone, motofurgoni (plural), triporteur, trimoteur

Motorcycle production ceased in 1939 shortly before outbreak of war. Remaining machines were left in warehouses and reappeared for sale after cessation of hostilities. The company sold the remnants from the motorcycle factory in the 1960s.

In recent years motorcycle apparel appeared in Canada under the Della Ferrera label, and there was talk of the production of a new motorcycle. Around 2013 the trademark was transferred to a UK company. In 2017 there is a website claiming to own the name, the logo and the history of the company. It has no other content.

Della Ferrera Models include:

  • 175 175cc 1927-1933

    Piemonte 175cc 1931-1934

    350cc 1932-1935

    500 500cc 1927-1933

    500 Cenisio 500cc 1935-1938

    650 650 1919-1924

    800 800cc 1920-1926

    1000cc V-Twin c1921-1927

1. Henshaw writes that the machines were produced as late as 1948.

Sources: Bretti Brothers, motoclubstoricoconti.it, autoelusso.it/

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