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Di Blasi Folding Motorcycles and Scooters

Available in both two-stroke and electric versions.

A Brief History of the Marque

The Italian firm manufactures folding mopeds, mobility scooters, bicycles and tricycles.

Rosario Di Blasi, a pilot with the Italian Air Force during the war years, published an article on rotary engines in 1942 which predated the Wankel. Soon after the war he developed the idea of a folding bicycle which soon became a folding motorcycle, and the first such machines were built in the early 1950s.

A machine was presented at the 1968 Turin Auto Show, a folding tricycle named the Dibla 7, powered by a Zanetti engine.

Production began in 1973, and these were presented at that years' Milan Show. In 1974 they were displayed at the Cologne show, and a German importer was selected. As a result, some 80-90% of the the factory production went to Germany where they became known as the R2 Paperino, powered by a single-speed 49cc Franco Morini engine. Paperino is the Italian name for Donald Duck, and the model name has been used for other Italian machines including those of IMN of Naples.

The R7 appeared in 1979, with a a new engine built in-house by Di Blasi.

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R7 Specification:

  • Dimensions
    • Open:
      • Overall length 128 cm (50.3")
      • Wheel base 92 cm (36.8")
      • Width 57.5 cm (22.6")
    • Folded:
      • Length 79 cm
      • Width 35 cm
      • Height 61 cm
  • Unladen mass 31,5 kg (64,9 Lbs)
  • Rim size (front & rear) 5"
  • Tyre size (front & rear) 4.00 - 5"
  • Brakes drum diameter 70 mm (front & rear)
  • Electrical equipment 12V - 65W
  • Tank capacity 3 litres (3 quarts)
  • Fuel consumption 35 km/lt (approx)
  • Maximum speed 45 km/h (30 mph)
  • Seating capacity 1
  • Max load capacity: 110 Kg
  • Engine
    • manufacturer & model DI BLASI M1
    • single cylinder, two stroke
    • bore 39 mm
    • stroke 41,8 mm
    • cylinder capacity 49.9 cc
    • compression ratio 8,65 : 1
    • maximum power 0,86 KW at 4000 rpm
    • maximum torque 2,56 Nm at 3000 rpm

  • carburetor:
    • DELL'ORTO SHA 14-12
      main jet size: 53
      inlet tract: 12 mm
  • Fuel: regular gasoline with 2% of 2 stroke oil
  • primary drive V-Belt variator
    • ratios:
      • min 1:1.577
      • max 1: 3.736
  • secondary drive timing belt ratio 22/102 = 1 : 4.636
  • starting: foot kick starter

raynord at
DiBlasi Folding Scooter rx 7 1997 98

I am looking for tech support in the form of a maintnenace manusl for the m1 engine (ignition and carburetion) and, if you know of a source for parts
ray nord
naples florida USA

James McFarland
jimmyis at wrote:

Thu Sep 20 2007
Dellorto sha 1412L
Di Blasi scooter
Hi, is there a way to unrestrict these bikes with this carburettor on, i don't want to go any faster really, just move off a little quicker and get up the hills a little easier, thanks

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