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Federal CWS and Federation Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Federal and Federation Motorcycles were built by the Co-operative Wholesale Society (C.W.S) in their factory at Tyseley, Birmingham.

The Federal was manufactured from 1921 to 1929, when the machine was renamed Federation and continued in production until 1937. They were sold at the society's retail outlets throughout Great Britain. They could be ordered with 269cc Villiers engines as well as JAP four-stroke singles and V-twins.

Over the years they produced seven different models, the last of which was powered by a 677cc JAP sidevalve engine.

The Co-op, as it is known, has been operating for 175 years, is owned by 4.6 million members, has 3,600 locations, and is a highly ethical society. So the next time some right-wing numbskull espouses the value of capitalism gone mad, do ask them to read about a hugely successful venture which has benefitted millions of ordinary people and not just the disgusting Trumps, Murdochs and Blowy Johnsons of this world.

Co-operative Wholesale Society

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have i got the only 150 cc model bike left

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