Italian Motorcycles

Ferraris Motorcycles

(Not to be confused with Ferrari)

Tragatsch lists the following:

#1 Ferrari, not connected to Enzo, making bikes from 1951 to 1954, ranging from 123cc to 248cc, 2- & 4-strokes, twins & singles. Based in Milano. (See Ferrari Motorcycles)

#2 Ferraris: short-lived make which had 2hp Peugeot engines in bicycle frames in 1903.

Thomas -- twowheel at lantic.co.za


The Motorcycle encyclopedia I have lists Ferraris as a 1903 manufacturer who fitted Peugeot engines to bicycles and Ferrari 1952 - 1960 as making mostly 125cc to 160cc two strokes although the also mention a 175 twin with double overhead cams.
Glen Bauder -- bauderg at logica dot com

Sources: Tragatsch, Henshaw

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