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Galimberti History (very briefly)
Built between c1932 and 1936 by Cesare Galimberti, who bought the Maffies concern and developed his machines with JAP, Villiers, Moser and Motosacoche engines, according to Stephano Milani.

Sun Aug 17 2014
wieselaurent at hotmail.com
additional information
Galimberti 350
A little more information about the Galimberti I own. The sidecar fitted is a Longhi and the story about the Galimberti brothers from Milano

...thank you so much for publishing my findings. After about 10 years I still have not come across another Galimberti....
The 4 volume encyclopedia is: Moto Italiane / I primi 50 anni 1895-1945 by Ing. Stefano Milani published by MOTONE/PAVIA
Before the second world war there were over a thousand.... motorcycle manufacturers in Italy, unbelievable.

Best regards, Laurent


Fri Dec 01 2006
wieselaurent at hotmaildot com
Italian side car
I bought a beautiful bike..a galimberti side car from 1936 fitted with a jap 350 ohv engine. The only thing I know is that Galimberti was taking Maffei bikes and improved them between 1933 and 1935. What do you know????

Galimberti is not listed in Tragatsch, but there is a listing for Maffeis. Ed.

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