Kohler Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured by Ludwig & Karl Köhler, Baumstraße 8, Munich. 1914-1929
Built motorcycles using their own engines. These are likely to have been supplied to other manufacturers.

Alleinige Hersteller: Köhler Motoren-u. Fahrzeugbau Inhaber: Ing. Ludwig und Karl Köhler
Sole manufacturer: Koehler engines. Fahrzeugbau Owner: Ing. Ludwig and Karl Köhler. Munich

From advertising literature:

  • Der Motor Köhler-Type „E" 1,914 PS, Bohrung 74,5 mm, Hub 80 mm, 347 ccm, ist das Ergebnis langjähriger Erfahr- ungen aui dem Gebiete des ventillosen Zweitaktmotors. Er zeichnet sich besonders aus durch enorme Dauerleistung, absolute Betriebssicherheit, große Lebensdauer, sowie gute Wirtschaftlichkeit.

    [Englitch] The engine Köhler-Type "E" 1,914 HP, bore 74.5 mm, 80 mm stroke, 347cc, is the result of years of Experience - payments in the areas of the valve two-stroke engine. This is particularly characterised by enormous continuous output, absolute operational safety, service life, and good cost-effectiveness.

1. Diana-Werke GmbH, Kaulbachstrasse 9, Munich (1924-1925) offered a Köhler model.
There is no relationship to the US engine manufacturing firms Kohler (est. 1873) or Koehler (est. 1898).

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