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A Brief History of the Marque

Lino Tonti, who had previously worked with Aermacchi, Bianchi and Gilera, designed his own machine shortly before joining Moto Guzzi and designing the frame which bears his name for the V7 Sport.

Tonti's Linto original design of 1966 was a DOHC 4-valve unit but this proved too expensive to produce, so he proceeded to build an engine consisting of two Aermacchi Ala d'Oro top ends on a common 360 degree crank which produced 65bhp at 12,000rpm. The chassis was graced with Ceriani forks and Fontana brakes.



Double Overhead Cam
Many variations incuding belt, chain and bevel drive

The machines were campaigned in 1968 by Alberto Pagani and Australia's Jack Findlay.

Other riders were John Dodds and Steve Ellis, and a Linto placed 2nd in the 1969 500 GP with Swiss rider Gyulay Marzowszky aboard. As they were beaten only by Agostini on the MV, this was an extremely creditable achievement. That said, Ago achieved 11 consecutive first places for a points total of 105. Gyulay scored 47. Steve Ellis also campaigned a Linto and achieved sixth place. Dodds rode both Seeley and Linto machines.

The following year the Japanese two-strokes dominated the 500 class, and the four-stroke machines were doomed.

Sources: Moto di Lombardia, et al.

Mon, 07 Aug 2017

gerhardsauer at planet.nl
Linto 500 1969

Hello Sir. I have Linto 500cc with nrs 138 frame and engine . can You tell me first owner from this bike . and where can I become Technical Info from the Linto.I hear. reg.gerhard sauer .
gerhard Sauer
Tubbergen Netherlands

  • Do not have that information, but perhaps one of our readers can help.
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Fri Mar 06 2015
raybattersby at email.com
Steve Ellis
Linto 500
I'd like to contact Steve Ellis. The email from 2011 shown on the Linto page doesn't work. Was there a typo? Or do you have a newer contact?

Ed: He is mentioned on Roscos-Good-Every-thing-Beer-Bar on Facebook.

Thu Jan 31 2008
smetsjohan at gmail dot com
linto 500
Hello there,
I'm willing to build my own Linto-aermacchi frame. Can you help me with some specifications, good pictures or even a technical drawning? It shall be rare, i know.But if you can help, thanks a lot!
Johan Smets
Antwerp, belgium

December 8, 1999
I am number 45 on a 500cc Linto at the French G.P. in 1969. This was my first G.P. I can send you some facts about Linto motorcycles and the then young men who raced them if you like. Let me know. I would be pleased to help. -- Regards.....Steve

Fri Dec 30 2011
Linto 500cc
I have changed my e-mail
Regards Steve Ellis

Little-known fact: Lino Tonti designed a race bike called the "Linto" just before he was hired at Moto Guzzi. The engine in the Linto was essentially two Aermacchi top ends grafted onto a single crankcase (an approach later used by Fabio Taglioni, who grafted two Ducati top ends onto a common crankcase to create the Ducati L-twin). If it's good enough for Tonti, it's good enough for me.

Greg Field gfield at halcyon dot com

Note from Sheldon: Greg has written many books on motorcycles.

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