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Mayweg Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Initially the bicycle manufacturer Frischauf in Offenbach built motorcycles powered by British J.A.P. engines in the mid 1920s which sold relatively well in the Rhine/Main region of Germany.

In 1933 the marketing name of the company was changed to Mayweg. The existence of this small manufacturer was brief - they closed in 1936. Under the Mayweg name they began to use 200cc Bark 2-stroke engines almost exclusively, and began development of their own 500cc four-stroke single in late 1934

A disastrous fire which consumed almost the entire factory in 1936 doomed the company when both the production facilities were destroyed along with the R&D section, with all their records and blueprints.

One of their advertising slogan translates as "Extremely Cheap".

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