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A Brief History of the Marque


Built in Modena by Vittorio Guerzoni, the motorcycle was first revealed in 1925. It had a 248cc SV parallel twin engine which was created using two cylinders from a 125 on a common crankcase of unit construction with a 360 ° crankshaft, forced lubrication and a three-speed gearbox in a cradle frame. The touring version had an aluminium crankcase and could achiieve 80 km/h at 4000 rpm and t Mignon SS was good for 129 km/h at 5500 rpm.

In 1928 they released a new 250cc single and in 1929 a OHV 125cc Turismo and Sport models and a 250cc twin, all with 3 speed gearboxes.

The two-stroke engines were abandoned in favor of four-strokes, with the chassis and bodywork remaining the same.

1932 saw success on the racetrack using an inclined chain-driven DOHC four-speed engine with foot change.



Double Overhead Cam
Many variations incuding belt, chain and bevel drive

Sources: Henshaw, MC Storico Conti et al

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