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Taurus Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1933-1961 1

Taurus was a noted bicycle factory established in 1908 by Vittorio Fabri in Vanzaghello, Milan, which was acquired by MG of Modena in 1932.

The following year Taurus motorcycles were marketed which were almost identical to the MG, using single-cylinder OHV and two-stroke engines of 175cc.

Later pre-war models were produced in a variety of capacities up to 500cc, some with rear suspension.

A 250cc OHC Model VS6 Super Sport was built 1936-38 which appears to be a twin-port 2 valve. Around the same time there was also an OHV 250cc model which has the appearance of a an OHC.

In 1938 they built a 498cc racing motorcycle with a DOHC head but war intervened before it achieved production.



Double Overhead Cam
Many variations incuding belt, chain and bevel drive

After WWII Taurus built mopeds and motorcycles, including an OHC 175cc, an OHV 250 and a two-stroke of 160cc.

Postwar mopeds used BRM engines designed by Umberto Dalvacchio, who became well-known in the 70's for the de Tomaso Benelli Sei. There was a Taurus Cocker Ciclomotore available in 1954 which had an inverted 48cc engine, also a BRM product and believed to be a model U9. The machine was not much larger than a bicycle, which it resembled.

French blogger Z'humeurs & Rumeurs writes:

  • La Taurus 500 TN, en rupture avec la tradition italienne de l'ACT commandé par chaîne ou cascade de pignons, a choisi une distribution par arbre et couple cônique. Bloc-moteur, comme il se doit avec un bas-moteur qui se donne de faux airs de Panther britannique... ... accentués par la disposition inclinée du cylindre. Le sigle MTG visible sur le carter de distribution représente l'initiale de Taurus encadrée par celles de MG, marque italienne de MM. Guerzoni & Guarinoni, rachetée par Taurus (Renseignements à manier avec précaution car récoltés chez divers auteurs qui me semblent s'être "pompés" les uns les autres. Même les rares sources italiennes restent vagues, pour dire le moins)
Which roughly translates as:
  • The Taurus 500 TN, contradicting the Italian tradition of the OHC driven by chain or gear train, chose a distribution by shaft and bevel gears. Engine block, as it should with a low engine that gives itself false tunes of British Panther ... ... accentuated by the inclined disposition of the cylinder. The sign MTG visible on the timing case represents the Taurus initial framed by those of MG, Italian marque of MM. Guerzoni & Guarinoni, bought by Taurus (Information to be handled with caution because collected from various authors who seem to have "pumped" each other. Even the rare Italian sources remain vague, to say the least)

Taurus Models 2

  • Model 175 2T 173cc 1933-36
    Model 175 4T 173cc 1933-36
    Model V6 248cc OHV 1936-38
    Model 350 348cc 1938-42
    Model G27 Sport 498cc 1936-37
    Model TN 500 OHV 499cc 1938-
    BRM 50cc ca 1954-56
    Cocker 48cc Ciclomotore ca 1953-1954
    Model B8 Super Sport 200cc 4T 1954

1. Tragatsch and Henshaw give dates of 1933-1966.
2. None of the model data is well verified.
An MG Special sidecar was built in 1956, very beautiful. Unrelated.
The original name for the company was Taurus Nurberg, says one reference. This does not seem likely.
The Cocker Taurus is featured in Rijwielhulpmotoren de collectie van Jan Bosveld, a book by Joost Heesakkers.
Erratum: A Taurus V-twin JAP combination was listed on this page. It is a Taura.

Sources: MC Storico Conti, Tragatsch, Henshaw, moto-collection.org, et al.

Sergio Scalerandi writes:

Now I need of your help: A friend own a project in boxes of the less known model of Taurus: the 250 cc. OHV
I recently sent a mail to Renato Paganini but he only know about the G 27 500 cc. OHC.
From my knowledge I suppose it´s a 1936/38 Model V6 Sport (with the optional
sprung rear wheel).
Here are a couple of pics of the engine and one more of the frame.
Have you some italian´s friends to whom ask for info about this model? (Brochures, manuals, pics, etc.) Or someone who own one bike like this?
Any info will be welcome. Thanks.

Thu Jul 14 2016
davidjorgensen54 at comcast.net
Taurus Tank Decals
Taurus 160cc motorcycle
I recently acquired a nice 160cc Taurus which is in good condition but the Tank Decals are barely visible. Where can i purchase some decals for this bike?
Washington, Oak Harbor

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