MM Motorcycles

MM Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured 1924-1964

MM - 'Morini Mezzetti' company was started by Mario Mezzetti (1895-1964), formerly of GD, and Alfonso Morini (1898) in 1924. Alfonso Morini raced an MM himself and won a class in the 1927 Italian Grand Prix at Monza. In 1937, Alfonso Morini started his own company ( Moto Morini ) producing motorized tricycles (a motorcycle chassis, engine and front end with two wheels at the rear). During the war they were forced to produce aeroplane parts and in 1943 the factory was destroyed by allied bombs. The company closed in 1964.

MM Models

MM Monza 1927

  • Engine: Horizontal 2-stroke single. Bore 52, stroke 58, capacity 123.1 cc
    Ignition: Bosch magneto
    Carburettor: Amac
    Lubrication: petrol-oil mixture
    Primary transmission: gears
    Gearbox: 2-speed
    Final drive: chain
    Chassis: Double cradle, steel tubes
    Wheels: tyres 26x2
    Maximum speed: 95-100 km/h
MM 175 A Sport 1931

  • Engine: OHV Twin-port vertical with cast iron barrel and head. Bore 60.0 mm, stroke 60.0 mm. Capacity 169.6cc.
    Ignition: Bosch magneto
    Carburettor: Amal
    Lubrication: dry sump with double action MM oil pump
    Primary drive: chain
    Clutch: 2-plate
    Gearbox: Burman 3-speed, hand change
    Final drive: chain
    Frame open steel tubes
    Front suspension girder forks
    Tyres: 3.00x19 (3.50x19 sometimes fitted)
    Brakes: lateral expanding type
    Maximum speed: 90 km/h
MM 350 Corsa 1938

  • Engine: OHC vertical single, cast iron body and head. Bore 76.0, stroke 76.0. capacity 344.7 cc.
    Ignition: Bosch magneto
    Carburettor: Amal
    Primary drive: Chain
    Multiple plate dry disk clutch
    Gearbox: 4-speed Sturmey Archer, foot shift
    Final drive: chain
    Frame: cradle type, steel tube
    Front suspension: parallelogram fork
    Rear suspension: shock absorbers
    Wheels: front tyre 2.75 x 21, rear 3.00 x 20
    Brakes: Amadori with Elektron drums
    Maximum speed 175 km/h

Sources: cyberium.net, Henshaw, Musei Patrimonio Industriale, et al

Sat Jan 09 2016
jennklym at Hotmail.com
1939 MM 500cc Italian racing bike
MM 500cc
Good evening!
I inherited this bike, and am trying to find any information and the current value. I was not sure how to add to the forum or FB, so any help you can give would be appreciated! Thank you!!
Winnipeg, Canada


Fri Jul 16 2010
pyoung<at>14engineering dot com
MM 1909 MM
I have posted an article about Mr Rodriguez on my site here: gottfried-rodriguez-around-the-world

I found a bit of info about him on the internet, but there isn't much that has been documented after he left the USA.


Fri Oct 09 2009
1wetdog at tiscali.co.uk
mm motorcycle
mm 350cc
any info on this machine as i am trying to restore one, call 07970 563935 or email
(see previous email below)


Thu Nov 13 2008
moto.mm.max at libero.it
Moto MM
I'm an italian likers of bikes MM and I buy all MM materials (bikes, engine, parts, ..). My blog is: motoblogmm.leonardo.it (404)
Italy (Bologna)

Tue Nov 11 2008
ittsuapizza at yahoo.co.jp
I'd like to know about .my father's BIKE which name is MM.250cc. built arround 1960. It's still possible to drive after the light tuning.
Please let me know how much worth for money.

The page on Classic Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.


Wed Oct 22 2008
peter at walde.at
Handbuch von Motor und gesamten Motorrad
Motto MM 350 C Bj 1934-1938
Habe eine motto MM Bj 1935-1938 restauriert
Habe jetzt probleme mit der Motoreistellung, Startet gut und läuft im standgas auch gut. bei zunehmender gas aufnahme regelt der motor ab und hat keine leistung.
frage: Welcher vergaser ist fÃ&frac14;r dieses modell am besten und haben sie unterlagen dafÃ&frac14;r. haben sie auch dafÃ&frac14;r unterlagen zur einstellung der ZÃ&frac14;ndung

MM 350cc 1935-1938

Mon Jun 25 2007
lammem at portup dot com
1909 MM motorcycle
MM motorcycle 1909
I have a postcard with Gottfried Rodriguez on the front on an MM motorcycle stating he rode it around the world but can find no info on either him or the cycle, any clues? The postcard is also autographed by him in Toledo, Ohio
United States

Mon Jun 04 2007
jindrich.calta at seznam.cz
MM motorcycle
I'd like to identify the engine on the added photos. I have got a historic motorbike disjointed in parts and I don't know what is it. It was made about 1940, has 500ccm and there is logo MM on the engine. I'm going to construct it but I dont know how it looks.
I'm looking for some documents and photos of the old motorbikes made by M.M. Can you help me please or advise where can I get some information about M.M.?
Czech Republic, Havlickuv Brod

MM 500 c1940 a.jpg
MM 500 c1940 a

Thank you. I have found what I had been looking for. The model was made by MM in 1939.
I have recievd several photos from Mr. Giampaolo Tozzi from Bologna (His wifes' father made this motorcycles) and I'would like to share them.

Jindrich Calta

Tue May 30 2006
1wetdog at tiscali.co.uk
MM 350cc Blackburn [Blackburne]
any information on this motorcycle would be nice in assisting with restoration has 350cc blackburn engine fitted very nice velose foot change on albion gear box , which model and which year would be a help thanks will post photos later
MM i think later to become moto morini
which year did MM fit a 350cc Blackburne engine in there bikes I have one and whish to restore it thanks
birmingham, england

Wed Apr 05 2006
jamescastleuk at yahoo.co.uk
1950s MM 250 parts
MM 250 - 1950s
Hello there, I have a number of parts in excellent condition for an MM250 that a friend of mine rebuilt a decade ago and has since sold. I have photogaphed these scarce parts and lsited them on ebay and there is no interest which is surprising. I wonder if you could put me in touch with owner's clubs in the USA, UK and Italy. best wishes james Castle

MM 250 parts.jpg
MM 250 parts

Tue Jan 31 2006
jindrich.calta at sezanm.cz
I have got an old motorbike disjointed in parts and I don´t know what is it. It was made about 1940, has 500ccm and there is logo MM on the engine. I´d like to construct it but I dont know how it looks. I´d like to see some documents and photos of the old motorbikes made by M.M. Can you help me please and advise where can I get some information about M.M.?

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