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A Brief History of the Marque

OD motorcycles were built by Willy Ostner in Dresden, a small manufacturer who produced expensive machines of high quality in from 1927 to 1935*.

Willy Ostner was a capable businessman and his brother Carl a motorcycle racer and frame specialist. They were joined in 1925 by Herr Pobel, a mechanical engineer.

The company was established in 1921 as Ostner & Co. In 1926 they purchased property at Bürgerstraße No. 56 in Dresden, and the following year the company was renamed Fahrzeug- und Armaturenfabrik Willy Ostner, changing again in 1934 to OD-Werk Willy Ostner.

Their first machines used the engine cases as a stressed member and the frames earned an good reputation for reliability in the days when frame breakages were common.

Production machines employed MAG engines of 350cc to 1000cc, including at least one with reverse gear for sidecar use. When the financial crisis hit in the early 1930s they scaled back production on the expensive larger machines and introduced lightweights powered by 200cc Ilo two-strokes, and a range of three-wheeled delivery motorcycles similarly engined. The three-wheelers became very successful and subsequently became their main product.


The marque was well represented on German racetracks and in trials with numerous podium finishes between 1927 and 1937, particularly in the sidecar races.

Willy Ostner died on 16 February 1959 in Sulzbach-Rosenberg.

As of 2012, 8 OD motorcycles were known to exist in Germany. There may be others in Switzerland and Austria.

1. The 200cc T20 was built until 1939. (od-ostner.de)

1. It was previously stated that in 1935 the firm purchased the Elite-Diamant. Thomas Beutel assures us that this is not the case.

Sources: od-ostner.de, trar.de, FB group Motorcycles 1867-1930, et al.

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