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Piccolo Scooters

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1966-1971

Production of the Piccolo Duo began in 1966 in East Germany

It had a dual seat, and the first model used the front portion of the earlier Pitty IWL motorscooter, also used on Krause three-wheelers. It was powered by a Simson KHL M53 engine.

In 1968 the DUO /2 appeared without the extended nose and powered by a Simson M53/1 KHR engine.

Picollo Trumpf

In 1970 the DUO / 3 appeared with a minor power increase and hyrdraulic suspension. It was marketed as the Picollo Trumpf. Ths was followed by the DUO / 4 which had only minor changes.

The bulk of production was distributed to other countries under Soviet control, with only a small portion remaining in East Germany.

See also Krause

Sources: JLB Creations

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