Raglan Motorcycles

Raglan Cycle and Anti-Friction Ball Co

Raglan motorcycles were produced in 1903, in Coventry, and later in Birmingham, until about 1915.

The company names Colonial Coventry Co, and Raglan Cycle Co. Ltd. were also used, as was M. Adler Ltd., Birmingham. Adler was a successful Dutch cycle maker based in Amsterdam, with factories in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and England and agencies in the British Colonies, Japan and China, Spain and Portugal, Scandinavia, Italy and elsewhere.

The machines used engines of 292cc, 347cc and 496cc from Precision, and also watercooled Green-Precision engines.

It seems likely that they also used Sarolea engines from Belgium.

1896 The company was registered on 4 December, to take over the businesses of Taylor, Cooper and Bednell and the Anti-Friction Ball Co.

Late in 1903 the firm exhibited at the Stanley show. The machine was said to have a stout frame and excellent 2.75hp engine. They also showed a forecar with a 3.75hp engine, fitted with a water-cooled cylinder head.

Report from the 1903 Stanley Show

The Raglan Cycle Co., Ltd., are introducing a motorcycle for 1904 which, by reason of its many good points and special features, promises to rank amongst the first flight. It has a 2.75 h.p. engine, a special float feed spray carburetter, and belt transmission. It is worked by two levers situated on the top tube, actuating the throttle and the ignition, which is by wipe contact. An exhaust valve lifter is fitted and actuated through the medium of a Bowden wire terminating in a pull-up lever under the right handle. An extra tank is fitted into the back part of the frame, which will contain a gallon of petrol. This exhibit will be at the Stanley.

Raglan Cycle and Anti-Friction Ball Co., Ltd. Coventry.

This well-known old Coventry firm is making a special display of its 1909 patterns at the London depot, Colonial Buildings, 59 to 61 Hatton Garden, E.C. The machines are exhibited in a very attractive way, and Mr. Peters, the London manager, will be pleased to see agents and discuss business for next year. The Raglan models are up-to-date in every particular, and as the prices are also quite in line with modern developments, agents should make a point of seeing the machines.

Cycle and Motor Trades Review, 1908

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