Royal Sidecars

A Brief History of the Marque

Royal Seitenwagen was founded in Munich in 1924 by Johann Wimmer and Hans Bernhard Bohnenberger and continued manufacturing until about 1966. After Steib and Stoye, for many years Royal was the best known German sidecar manufacturer.

Closely associated with BMW, Durkopp, Glas Goggo and other manufacturers, they built many beautiful and quite special sidecars. Other firms offering Royal sidecar combinations included Wanderer and NSU.

In the 1950s they built a sidecar weighing only 33 kg.

Lore Keller raced an Imperia Royal combination in the 1920s and was a formidable competitor. She won the Zirler mountain race in 1926.

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luisfsalda at
I found a Sidecar with this id plate.. please can you Help me and tell me what model and year is?
Thanks so much
Luis Fernando Saldarriaga R
Colombia south America

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