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Singer Motorcycles

Singer 1912 500cc SV TT Racer
Photo by Hans Denzel

A Brief History of the Marque

Established by George Singer in 1875, Coventry-based Singer was a pioneer in the bicycle industry, and in 1901 began manufacturing motorised three-wheelers, soon followed by Perks & Birch motorwheels or Power Wheels which were fitted to bicycles. In 1904 they began to build a range of motorcycles which eventually included 346cc twostrokes and, from 1911, sidevalve models from 299cc to 535cc. Singer built many of their own components. Production of three-wheelers was shelved in favour of 4-wheel cars in 1907, and they ceased building motorcycles at the onset of hostilities in 1914.

They acquired Sparkbrook in 1925.

Singer also manufactured automobiles, beginning in 1905 with a design licenced by Lea-Francis and finally ceased manufacture in 1970.

History of Singer Motorcycles

Mon May 26 2014
dave-birch10 at hotmail.com

Singer Perks-Birch Motor Wheel
I don't know who Harold Birch was but Edwin Perk's partner was Frank Birch!

Wed Sep 07 2011
roger.stanley45<at> yahoo.com
singer 1904
Can I get info to restore this MC? are there parts available?
got no images of the singer as yet. when I start the project, I will send U lots of pics as we progress.Need to know what colour and type of paints that we need for frame, tank etc. We also have a few more vintage bikes that need attention. Will get to them in time. Will be posting on the forums as U suggested. The internet is great, even here in South Africa Johannesburg, we can keep in touch with civilisation. Thanks. lets keep in touch

Mon Feb 04 2008
birchie at tinyonline.co.uk
Perks Birch
Singer Motorwheel
The Birch in Perks & Birch was Frank Birch (my grandfather) and not John ! Frank had nothing to do with Bradbury.
I regret I do not have much information about Singer motorcycles in general. As far as I know the best reference is 'The Singer Story' by Kevin Atkinson. I have seen this publication and contacted Kevin myself but regret I do not have a copy. What I do have is a good deal of information on the Perks-Birch Motorwheel (later bought out by Singer) including some unique material from around 1901.

If you have any interest in the Motorwheel or know of anyone else that does I should be very glad to hear.

David Birch

Sat Mar 03 2007
jgardner at netconnect.com.au
Singer circa 1912 500cc single
Looking for information on circa 1912 singer motorcycles. I have a very good motor that is looking for a frame and cycle parts with the aim of restoring a bike. Can anyone help?
Regards Robert Binns (Australia)
Attached is a couple of picture of the singer motor I have
which I believe is about 1912 or 13. As you can see it is in excellent
original condition and needs the cycle parts to put it back on the road.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Robert

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