Solo Mopeds

A Brief History of the Marque

The brothers Hans and Heinz Emmerich produced their first engines in 1948 and at the time the engines were quite revolutionary, producing considerably more power than their rivals and yet weighing only 14 pounds, half the weight of many others.

Their first moped appeared in 1971, the water-cooled Solo with 10mm Bing carburettor. The engine cylinder had a jacket containing coolant, but no radiator or water pump.

Solo engines were also fitted to some Montgomery-Wards and Columbia mopeds.

Solo engines include Type 236 and 236, and Type 254 and 255 with water cooling.

Solo Electra

This was their most successful model. Powered by a Bosch 750W electric motor fed by two 12V batteries, it appeared in mail order catalogs and was even offered as a prize in TV contests.

At 67kg it was quite heavy, and had a maximum speed of 24km/h - the speed limit at the time in Germany was 25 km/h. It was competitive in its home market but not in France where the limit was 40km/h.

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 Tue, 26 Sep 2017
maurice.jensen at
Solo 217 50cc 1988-model 217
I would be grateful about the belt size and availability.
Maurice Jensen
Near Praha Czech Republic

Tue Aug 16 2016
ptkirkham at
identification of moped
MZ 50cc moped Solo
I have just bought a 50cc moped with 'Solo' on petrol tank and am trying to identify the make. It has been suggested it might be a rebranded MZ. Hope you can help. It is 1970

Wed Sep 03 2014
bmcnaney at
1978 solo odessy
solo odessy
looking for air filter for this machine and also need inlet needle, part 0510657

Sat Jun 16 2012
solo moped
1980 solo
i am in need of a 1980 solo moped clutch pads and clutch spring - can you get these for me??
beaverton oregon

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