British Motorcycles

A and A Autocarrier

Auto-Cars & Accessories Ltd [1]

A&A Auto-Carrier

Long Acre then West Norwood

Manager John Portwine. Directors John Weller and Harry E Weller

1904: Sale of Minerva cars

1906: Manufacture of A&A commercial vehicle bodies on Rover, Star and other 4-wheeled chassis

1906/7[2]: Design, development & early manufacture of the A&A 'Auto-Carrier' commercial three-wheeler

1908[2]: A&A/A-C tandem-seat Tricar on trials

Founded within weeks of the demise of Weller Bros Ltd

April 1909: Sold manufacturing rights and IPR of three-wheeled vehicles to Auto-Carriers Ltd.

1913: Dissolved by Companies Registration Office

1. Sometimes written as Autocars and Accessories Ltd
2. Dates are unconfirmed.

Source: acsociable.byethost4.com

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