Archibald Frazer-Nash

Archibald Goodman Frazer Nash was an early English manufacturer of cyclecars and sports cars in England. He was born in India on June 30, 1889 and died on March 10, 1965.

In 1910, he partnered with Henry Ronald Godfrey to produce the GN cycle car, a two-cylinder light car, first sold in 1911, which stayed in production through 1922.

In 1923 he started the Frazer-Nash company to produce an evolution of the GN, which became the Frazer Nash car. Frazer Nash was reconstituted as AFN Ltd. in 1927.

The new company was taken over by H. J. ("Aldy" or "HJ") Aldington in 1929. At the same time Archie Frazer Nash resigned from any management role although he remained a shareholder.

In 1929, he started a separate engineering company, Nash and Thomson which designed a very successful machine-gun turret, the Frazer-Nash hydraulic aircraft turret, for WWII British bombers.

Archie changed his name from "Frazer Nash" to "Frazer-Nash" (with hyphen) in 1938, so both forms are correct, depending on the reference period.

Source: Graces Guide

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