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Iris were motorcycles produced from 1902 to 1904 in Brixton, London by Legros and Knowles.

  • 1902 The machine was fitted with their own make of 2½hp water-cooled engine, fitted into a diamond bicycle frame. The belt drive had a free-engine pulley to act as a clutch. It also had a hand starter. The front part of the tank acted as the radiator for the cooling system, with air tubes running from the front and exiting along each side.
  • 1903 Added to the previous model was a 5hp water-cooled V-twin, with the engine fitted into a loop frame but all the other features retained.
  • November 1903 listed as Iris Motor Co of Holland Street, North Brixton.
  • 1904 The models continued, the radiator was improved and air-cooled models were also listed.

1906 Produced 25-30 and 35-40 h.p. shaft-drive models.

  • 1911 Directory lists them as Iris Cars Ltd., Scrubs Lane, Harlesden, London NW, and as motor manufacturers

Notes: There was also an Iris brand of sidecar of Highbury Station, London, in the mid 1920s.

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