British Motorcycles

Johnson and Phillips

of Victoria Works, Charlton, Kent of Colombia House, Aldwych, London, WC2 (1937)
  • 1875 Company founded.
  • 1891 Name appeared in Advertising.
  • 1894 Installation of the 'Kapp' alternator.
  • 1905 Public company. The company was registered on 17 June, to take over the business of electrical, telegraph and general engineers.
  • 1911 Issued catalogue on switch gear.
  • 1911 Electrical Exhibition. Lamps, cables, generators, projectors, switchgear etc.
  • 1914 Cable manufacturers, electrical engineers and contractors.
  • 1920 Issued catalogue on overhead electric power transmission lines and other electric equipment.
  • 1937 Advert in British Industries Fair Catalogue as Maker of C. M. A. (Cable Makers' Association) Cables. Manufacturers of Electric Wires and Cables for all purposes. (Electricity: Industrial and Domestic Section - Stand Nos. Cb.501 and Cb.400).
  • 1937 Navigation, cockpit and identification lamps and aircraft cables.
  • 1961 Manufacturers of electric cable, cable accessories, switch gear, transformers, capacitors, overhead line materials and submarine cable-laying gear. Specialists in the transmission transformation and control of electricity.

Max was a motorcycle produced between 1907 and 1909, by Johnson and Phillips, of Charlton in Kent.

This short-lived make first appeared as a 2hp motorcycle of the early scooter type. It had small-diameter wheels, no seat and the rider had to stand on footboards to control it.

It progressed to include a folding seat and was exhibited at the Stanley show, on the Louis Burn stand. The machine made little impact and soon disappeared.

Sources: Graces Guide

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