British Motorcycles

Powell and Hanmer

of Chester Street, Birmingham

  • 1893 Company established.
  • 1913 April. Advert for headlamps for cars.
  • 1914 Built their second factory in Rocky Lane for dynamo lighting sets.
  • 1920 Dynamo for motor cars.
  • 1929 Powell and Hanmer Ltd, which Lucas acquired that year, was, at that time, its principal competitor in non-electrical equipment for cycles and motor cycles. When a director of that company joined the board of Austin, Lucas feared that he might encourage Powell and Hanmer to produce electrical equipment for supply to Austin and that the association might also affect Lucas's quotations to other large vehicle manufacturers. Lucas made an offer to Powell & Hanmer and purchased the business for £500,000.

Bicycle Lamps. Examples seen at the National Cycle Collection

Sources Grace's Guide

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