Whitley Manufacturing Co

Whitley of Cow Lane, Coventry
  • Whitley produced motorcycles in Coventry from 1902 to 1905. They had been building automobiles since 1900.

    This firm built its own engines, some of which were water-cooled and which hung from the downtube of their motorcycles and sidecar. To help with engine cooling, the latter was fitted with air scoops. Using belt drive and braced forks, it was a typically primitive design.

    Whitley engines were sold to Mills and Fullford for use in the Milford motorcycles they produced in 1903-1904.

    In the 1920s they built and marketed sidecars. Their catalogue for 1925 listed 9 different models, and their address was London Road, Coventry.

Sources: Graces Guide, company literature.

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