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AGA JAP 1921

1921 AGA JAP Motorcycle 300cc sidevalve. Frame Number 2.
In good running order and DVLA registered.

By now, I’m sure you’re familiar with the research I carry out on the vehicles I offer for sale. But, just for a change, there’s very little I can tell you about the history of this particular motorcycle. It is so rare that it’s believed to be the only one of its marque in existence.

It sports a frame number 2! So there is not even much of a clue about how many were manufactured.

Like the bicycle manufacturing era immediately preceding it, in the first few decades of the 20th century many small engineering workshops around the country had a go at making their own motorcycles. They bought in proprietary engines – and JAP would have been a favourite – and assembled parts available from the new motor factor companies that were springing up, such as Brown Brothers. They were thus able to supply local demand and, rather than having to buy in motorcycles from established companies for small profit, were able to make more money by virtue of their motorcycle being home-built but with a well-known powerplant.

The previous owner used this motorcycle regularly, and only sold it because of his old age. The MOT expired recently.

It’s an older restoration, and is a very attractive machine of its period in good usable condition.

This 88-year-old machine should easily see in another 88 years of motoring.

I’ve only been able to dig up a little regarding the AGA JAP. Firstly, Mr. Davidson sent (an image) to Old Bike Mart earlier this year and, understandably, their resident expert was not able to recognize the manufacturer. As it looks almost identical to the AGA JAP, at least we’ve put that record straight now

-Or have we? Below is a photo of a 1920 New Imperial Light Tourist, fitted with the same JAP 300cc engine. (no image, sorry)

J.A. Prestwich Industries Ltd
Manufacturer of JAP Engines
The engine number of this AGA JAP is FN432.

Courtesy BuyVintage.com

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