Carfield 1925 Catalogue, 172cc & 250cc Models

General Specification. Engines - Villiers' Two-Stroke Flywheel Magneto.
Gear Boxes — Albion.
Carburettors — Binks Two Jet Single Lever.
Forks — Brampton's Double Girder Biflex Top fitted to all models.
Transmission — Renold Chains and Dunlop lin. Belt.

Tanks — Strongly made. resting on Double Under Tank Rails. All models have separate Oil Compartment. 1¼ gallon petrol. 3 pints oil.
Saddles - Large Padded Pan Seat. 12in. wide, suitable for 8 to 10 stone rider. If under or over this weight we shall be pleased to exchange the springs.
Brakes — Very powerful Heel and Hand, both acting on Belt Rim.
Mudguards — Very efficient 6in. wide D pattern.
Chain Cover — Cast Aluminium. Polished.
Frame — Carefully constructed of best quality Weldless Steel Tube. All joints soundly brazed, resulting in a frame of exceptional strength.


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